Pull-in-Place Repair vs. Inversion Repair

The inversion method – a cousin of pull-in-place repair – uses similar materials but is accomplished very differently. Pull-in-place repairs involve coating an inflatable tube with epoxy resin, inflating the tube to press the resin onto the inside of your pipes, and removing it so the resin can cure. The inversion method, however, instead coats the inside of a tube with epoxy resin, binds one end to the outside of the pipe, then feeds it through so the tube is inverted and distributes the resin as it moves.

Because the pipeline needs to be turned inside-out, there is some room for error in the inversion method. If there is a jam, for instance, the tube will need to continue to be pushed through which could lead to unevenly distributed epoxy resin. With pull-in-place, however, the installation is much more controlled and can be modified if an unforeseen problems arise.

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