Post-Hurricane CCTV Pipeline Inspections & Cleaning

Over the past two weeks, Florida residents have prepared for one of the largest hurricanes to reach Florida’s coasts. In the aftermath, many homes and businesses were without power for days and damage to buildings and properties were sustained. With the storm being over, it is now time to consider the next steps in moving forward, recovery efforts, and protection from unexpected plumbing emergencies.

After a hurricane, it is not uncommon for many buildings to experience slow drainage. This is often due to sand infiltration in the pipe system which causes the drain lines to fill up. Sand often finds its way into a drain line through a damaged cleanout or a pre-existing failure point in the system which then begins to fill with excessive rain and sand. Effective cleaning and clearing of drain lines is the key to solving this slow drainage problem. Unlike cabling or snaking by hydro-jetting, which uses water, the sand can be safely removed without damaging the pipe system.

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Hurricane-force winds can range from 74mph to 156mph which can cause severe damage to not only roofs but, also sanitary roof drain stacks. Roof drains play a critical role in the overall function of your building’s entire sanitary system, and if damaged may cause a snowball effect of plumbing emergencies.

Common Roof Drain Problems:

  • Debris buildup
  • Cracks or missing pipe sections
  • Backups

Luckily, sanitary CCTV sewer inspections identify damages that occurred in the system and also provide information on what the best pipe solution is based on the problem.

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Post-Hurricane Pipe Inspections Benefits:

  • Identify the condition of the piping system
  • Identify problem areas that are in need of immediate action
  • Prevent sewer backups or other catastrophic pipe failures

Whether your building or property’s pipe system is experiencing slow drainage or has sustained severe roof damage that affects your sanitary roof drain stacks – through pipeline inspections and cleaning, these problems may be easily resolved.

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