Plan for Your Pipes: 3 New Years Resolutions for Your Building’s Pipe Infrastructure

It’s that time of year when many of us make New Year’s resolutions. Going to the gym, eating healthier after all those holiday sweets, and saving up money are all common resolutions to make. However, improving your plumbing is not something that many of us would consider as a New Years resolution yet, you might be surprised how many plumbing emergencies, headaches, and money you could be saving by the end of the year. Consider making these three pipe New Year’s resolutions!

Preventative Plumbing Measures

When it comes to plumbing problems, it’s normal to take a more reactionary approach versus a preventative one. After all, many plumbing problems are not readily seen, however, there are a few signs to look out for. Check out our article about 4 signs your drains may need to be cleaned. The main value of this resolution is shifting your perspective on your plumbing. Your pipes may be out of sight but be sure they stay in mind while you prepare food for dinner, take a shower, or wash your hands.

Inspecting Your Pipes

Knowing the condition of your plumbing is pivotal in minimizing plumbing emergencies down the road. If you have an older property and haven’t had your plumbing inspected, now is a good time before a sewer back up or a blocked kitchen drain occurs. By evaluating the condition of your pipes you’ll know if you have any immediate issues that may need to be addressed all before property damage occurs. Also, pipe inspections will give you a long term idea of what your pipes will need to remain functional. In 2017, plan for pipes by having a specialized pipe company conduct a plumbing inspection.

Budgeting for Your Building’s Pipes

Whether you own a home or manage a large condominium complex, budgeting for plumbing maintenance is probably not high on your list in comparison to cosmetic repairs. The value of your pipes is significant to the overall health and daily life of your residents and families, that’s why budgeting for pipes is critical. Set aside 2% of the overall value of your property and designate that money toward plumbing maintenance and repairs. Unfortunately, in some cases you might be on a tight budget this year. Check out an article about how to deal with a plumbing emergency on a tight budget and learn how to manage your plumbing with constricted finances. Make 2017 the year to fund your building’s pipes by setting aside budgeted money for routine plumbing maintenance and repairs.

As you think about making your New Years resolutions this year, consider making a resolution toward improving your plumbing. By taking a preventative approach toward plumbing, inspecting your pipes, and budgeting for plumbing maintenance costs you’ll be on your way toward a more functional plumbing system. Properly maintaining your home or building’s pipes can often mean less plumbing emergencies, less overall money spent, and fewer inconveniences. Set your plumbing up for success in 2017 by making these a part of your New Years resolutions.

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