Our Slab Leak Repair Process

Because of the nature of slab leaks, it’s common to need to call on a company that specializes in leak detection in Naples, FL to confirm the issue. Once a leak is confirmed, the next step the pros at SPT Specialized Pipe Technologies take is to recommend an appropriate repair method. Here’s what you need to know about your options with the slab leak repair process.

Assessing the Severity of the Slab Leak

During the initial process of water leak detection in Naples, FL, our trained technicians will assess the situation to determine the severity of the leak. The results will determine how to best approach the repair process.

Pipe Lining Techniques

If our leak detection specialist in Naples, FL determines you have a minor leak, repair may involve pipe lining techniques. Pipe lining is a minimally invasive approach to pipe restoration that’s done by inserting a liner into the affected pipe to apply an epoxy mixture to interior pipe surfaces. The result is a pipe fully restored from the inside.

Re-routing the Pipe

In order to insert a liner, the affected pipe needs to still be intact. Otherwise, re-routing may be recommended. With this approach to slab leak repair, only a short length of pipe is replaced. The affected pipe is re-routed above ground to restore normal flow.

Direct Repair

If the damage is extensive, direct repair may be the better option. This is done by accessing the affected pipe/s through the floor. While this is a more invasive approach to slab leak repair, it does allow for a full replacement. This can be beneficial if pipes under a slab are older and the damage is widespread.

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