How Often Should Your Home’s Pipes Be Cleaned With Hydro Jetting Equipment?

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Sewer pipe maintenance should always be added to a homeowner’s list of housekeeping measures. Drain cleaning solutions or a plunger may have solved a small drain issue before, but you can bet that it will come back one day. In order to truly eliminate the source of the clog, you’ll need professional drain cleaning using the latest hydro jetting procedure.

Unusual sewer odors, slow drains, recurring clogs and back-ups, seeing water flooding in the basement, strange gurgling sounds in the drain, and seeing raw sewage seeping out the bathtub, toilet, or drain are all indications that the pipes need to be cleaned, and soon. Here are some clear indications that you’ll need a hydro jetting service in your Hialeah home.

At SPT, our technicians prepare a special video inspection equipment to see the exact nature of your sewer problem. A CCTV camera is attached to the end of a long fiber optic line, which is inserted into an open drain from a bathtub or kitchen sink. The video feed gets transmitted to a monitor, producing crystal clear images of what’s happening inside your sewer lines. Once the problem is located our technicians can formulate the best solution according to the visual data.

How Residential Hydro Jetting Cleaning Services Work

Hydro jetting is often the recommended solution for cleaning out your drain pipes. Instead of traditional drain cleaning methods that cause further harm, hydro jetting is a green solution that won’t damage your pipes. It’s fast, efficient and environmentally friendly. Our technicians fit a special nozzle to a long hose and feed it down the drain.

A hydro jetting machine starts pumping out pressurized water at 4,000 PSI, effectively scouring the insides of your drain pipes of dirt, debris and calcified matter. The nozzle is specially designed to blast water in a 360-degree manner, disintegrating everything that’s stuck within. The buildup is then washed away to the municipal sewer line and your pipes function in a new-like state again.

Preventive drain measures require a good cleaning at least once every year. If you’re experiencing constant back-ups and clogging, then it’s best to have the drain cleaning done as soon as possible. When the inside pipes are cleaned then there are fewer chances of debris accumulating.

If you’re ever faced with a plumbing emergency, then chances are that it’s a blocked drain pipe. Don’t wait for things to get out of control. Instead, contact SPT today and have your sewer lines cleaned with hydro jetting technology. We offer long-lasting solutions for guaranteed peace of mind.

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