Trenchless Sewer Repair Silver Spring, MD

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Silver Spring, Maryland Trenchless Sewer Repair

Depending on where you live in Silver Spring, you may have plumbing problems resulting from the age of your underground pipes. It is common and at SPT Pipe we know exactly how to fix the situation. We are also experts in the use of trenchless technology we can remedy any sewer line problem without disturbing your property.

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How We Find the Problem

The first thing we do when we get to your location is find the lateral pipe. The lateral is the pipe that runs from your house or business to join the municipal main line that runs along the street. Typically the underground lateral runs under a sidewalk, driveway or some landscaping features in your yard. Once we find the location of the lateral we will dig down to the connections. The holes we dig are not very big and are only intended for us to access the connection points. After we open one of the connections we insert a tiny camera.

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How The Camera Helps Us

The small video camera sends a feed to an on site technician who monitors it and watches for some kind of irregularity. The quality of the video feed is very good which provides us with an accurate way to identify and diagnose any kind of problem taking place in the lateral. You could say the camera gives us eyes inside the pipe and because it does we do not have to dig the pipe up in order to examine it. The size of the camera allows us to move it up or down the length of the lateral in order to get a better look at something that may be happening inside that underground pipe.

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What the Camera Can Show Us

Old underground pipes tend to age and show signs of that through different kinds of apparent damage. Depending on the material your lateral was made from there could be leaks, cracks or possibly even a cave in where a portion of the old pipe has just deteriorated enough to collapse. Regardless of what kind of damage exists in your buried lateral we have the trenchless sewer repair solution.

The Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Because there is no digging involved in trenchless repairs, your driveway, sidewalk or landscaping will not be damaged in order for the problem below them to be fixed. Trenchless repairs are kinder to the environment as a result. They are also far quicker to complete with most jobs finished within a few hours. Also, with trenchless repairs many can be completed without having to shut off your water service. Trenchless repairs will also last longer than traditional excavation-style sewer repairs. Many of them can last 50 years or more. One of the main benefits to trenchless sewer repairs is that they are cheaper for us to do. This results in a cost saving to you.

How To Reach Us

In the Silver Spring area you can reach us at SPT Pipe by calling us direct at 301-810-5562. If you prefer, you can phone our office toll free at 1-800-849-4610.

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