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Washington D.C. Water Pipe Repair Lining

The water line that leads directly to your home is one of the most underrated part of a working plumbing system. It’s understandable because it’s hidden from view, mostly invisible and we take it for granted, day in and day out. But we’d certainly sit up and take notice as soon as this vital pipe breaks, leading to some of the worse case scenarios in day to day living. It’s certainly a disaster when it happens to either residential or commercial properties, because a broken water pipe equals an inconvenient disruption.

Water line issues can certainly catch any homeowner or business owner off guard. Good thing SPT Pipe is here to provide excellent water pipe repair and lining Washington, D.C. We can get you back on your feet in just a few hours.

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Possible Causes of Pipe Damage

The past decades, people thought that copper pipes would last forever. The only problem with copper pipes is that the constant presence of water causes it to deteriorate over time. The more acidic the water entering the pipes, the more chances the pipe would corrode, or burst due to the eventual thinning. The elements that make up water and its pH are the main sources of corrosion in home and commercial plumbing systems.

When you notice a sudden drop of water pressure, it could be that your water pipes are causing the problem. When you see strange green residue on your drains and on the visible pipes, that could be reason for concern. Hard winters can severely damage your pipes with constant freezing and thawing. The shifting earth can also move your water pipes and dislocate them from the main line.

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Water Pipe Repair and Lining Services

We help those who are affected by broken water pipes by recommending the trenchless repair and replacement technology. It’s a no dig solution that quickly gets you back on life’s track. Contaminations, pin hole leaks, cracks and disjointed pipes can be solved by a “pipe within a pipe” process.

Pipe lining is one of the simplest yet most effective methods in repairing your water pipes. Overall, the costs associated with pipe lining is up to 40% lower than most traditional pipe replacement methods. You won’t have to schedule an extensive yard excavation to fix your water pipes.

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Specialized camera equipment allows for an inside look at the ailing water pipe. Technicians interpret the images and videos showing on their laptop and then formulate a recommended trenchless solution. Before the pipe lining, a thorough cleaning is done to clear out any debris and foreign material. Then, a liner is introduced into the pipe and coated with special epoxy resin. After the process, the new pipe takes up the structural lining of the old pipe without digging a trench. The new material is set to function for around 50 years.

SPT Pipe works to provide the best Water Pipe Repair and Lining Washington, D.C. The CIPP method works in effectively rehabilitating your broken water pipes by lining the inner structure with a better material. It’s environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, durable and strong. Call us today for a free consultation on how to get the best repair method for your water pipe lines.

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