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Washington D.C. Vent Stack Lining

Any multi-story structure such as an high-rise condo, a commercial building, etc. has some vertical stacks of sanitary drainage systems. The system is unique in that there are different stack types involved.

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What are Stacks?

Have you ever seen a “stack” of pipes on top of each other? They could extend on from a building’s drain beneath the slabs, or from the basement up and to the top roof of a building. Almost all of these pipes assume a standing position, hence vertical. In some exceptions, these pipes can run horizontal as they are on upper floors but are still called vertical stacks. Experts can refer to these system of pipes as vent stacks, waste stacks or soil stacks depending on what they do.

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What is a Vent Stack?

Vent stacks are unlike sewer or water pipes in that they don’t carry liquids. They are equally important, though- vent stacks are used to provide air flow in conjunction with the other stacks and branches that do carry liquids so they won’t be affected by back pressure. The highest tie-in of a vertical stack is considered as the vent stack. They are a vital part in any plumbing system; if they break down, then you can be sure that it will affect how your sewer and water pipes work. Repairing or replacing it is absolutely necessary to ensure a properly working plumbing system.

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Repair Options

Replacing your vent stacks via the traditional method would require a major undertaking. Owners and property managers should be prepared to pay costs associated with renting heavy machinery and the labor required to dig through the walls and inside ceilings to find the problem pipe that needs to be repaired. Demolitions of this scope would also force a stoppage on business and residential operations.

Trenchless technology can line your broken or cracked pipes with minimal disruption and no excavation. You can count on it to be completed in just one day. Pipe Lining, or CIPP (Cured in Place Pipelining) is currently the best way to repair vent stacks and other important plumbing systems.

The inversion process is an interesting method of rehabilitating your residential or commercial pipes. Here are some notable advantages:

  • Only one small access point is needed.
  • Up to 200 feet of damaged pipes can be repaired in just a few seconds.
  • Epoxy resin is introduced in the pipe which adheres the liner to the existing pipe.

The felt liner is saturated with a special epoxy resin, which is inflated and cured when in place. A brand new structurally sound pipe is created. The jointless feature staves off unwanted root intrusion from the nearby shrubs and trees. Calcification is no longer a factor because the new material is resistant to the deposits that accumulate inside the pipes. Moreover, you can save up to 40% as compared to traditional sewer repair methods.

Make use of our Vent Stack Lining Washington, D.C. to get a vent stack pipe replacements that won’t break the bank of your business operations. We service residential, commercial and industrial vent stacks quickly and with excellent attention to detail. The process will be completed in just a few hours’ time and yet is set to last for decades of use.

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