Trenchless Pipe Bursting Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida Trenchless Pipe Bursting

It takes too much time. It’s too costly. It will destroy my Florida lawn, yard, walls, etc. These are the thoughts that run into residential and commercial owner’s minds when faced with the prospect of replacing their dysfunctional sewer, water or drain pipes. Flash forward to the year 2000, and trenchless technology makes all those stress and worries go away via Trenchless Pipe Bursting Naples.

What is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is the trenchless process of replacing your pipes with the use of a pneumatic or static bursting head. Does it sound like pipe bursting destroys more than it repairs? The destruction part is controlled, though- the explosion caused by the bursting head fractures the old pipes and sends the fragments over to the surrounding soil.

The new pipe is perfectly aligned in the same space as the old burst pipe, making it easier to connect the new pipe to your sewer or water system. In instances where the new pipe has a larger diameter than the old pipe, an expanding cone is used to compensate for the size. The process follows the same trenchless principles after that.

What are the Benefits of Pipe Bursting?

No Major Excavation

All our plumbers need are two access points to which the new pipe enters and exits. All the excavations associated with traditional pipe replacements- dirt piled up, gaping holes in the ground and heavy machinery operating are pleasantly absent, thanks to trenchless technology.

Save Time and Money

The excavation alone costs a lot of money, but how about the fact that the homeowners or business owners are responsible for the restoration of their landscape? A disheartening proposition indeed. Spending thousands of dollars to dig up the earth and put it back in is heavy on the wallet.

Strong and Seamless Pipe

The weakest points in a piping system are the joints, which can dislocate and fracture over time. A seamless, high-quality HDPE pipe has none of the disadvantages older piping materials have. This means root intrusion and calcifications will be a thing of the past.

When is Pipe Bursting A Suitable Option?

Pipe bursting was born somewhere in the 80s as a means to replace cast iron network lines, but it was then recognized that the same technology could be applied to Florida home drain lines, water mains and sewer pipes as well.

Pipe Bursting is versatile for a variety of reasons:

  1. Water and sewer pipe bursting is the go-to solution for replacement and/or rehabilitation of utility lines, i.e. power, phone, sewer, water and gas.
  2. The process effectively fragments the most common pipe materials, i.e. PVC, cast iron, concrete and clay. Moreover, it works on all diameters, function and size.
  3. It’s the idea solution for effectively rehabilitating aging utility lines found on congested areas such as city centers, municipalities, roads, etc.
  4. Overall suitability will depend on factors such as pipe material, geological conditions, burst length and upsize diameter.

SPT Plumbing offers free estimates on Trenchless Pipe Bursting Naples. Call us when you need an expert to determine the trenchless solution for your problem pipe. Our excellent customer service shines through our promptness, excellent attention to detail and efficiency to which we replace your sewer pipes.

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