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Undetected pinhole leaks are some of the most damaging plumbing problems you can have in your Florida home. The effects are so small at first that you won’t notice anything wrong, but over time the damage will be substantial enough to warrant a pinhole leak detection service in Naples. Pinhole leaks can wreak havoc with your flooring, your home foundation, and its structural integrity. But how do these form, and what’s the best solution if you find yourself with one?

Pinhole Leak Formation

Copper pipes are notorious for developing pinhole leaks over time. Aside from that, pinhole leaks largely originate from an improperly fitted back fill or a shabby piping installation. Most homes have their distribution piping network installed underneath the slabs of their property. The cold and hot pipes are done without any fitting, which means they are looped on to the different parts of the home. Over time, pinholes can develop and make unusual whistling or humming sounds as the pipe is being used. A major pipe failure is also one reason for pinhole leaks. Corrosion, ground settling and poor workmanship are other likely causes. Pinhole leaks can seem insignificant, but they do a lot of damage to your pipes and property if left unchecked.

Leak Detection Services in Florida

Leak detection services are a unique section in the plumbing industry. It’s a discovery process that technicians, contractors and plumbers have started using because it works so well in detecting leaks and finding the source in a short span of time.

The leaky pipe can be deep underground, in the walls, in ceilings or the floorboards below. It can be a very problematic process that requires a lot of digging and trial and error. But our pinhole leak detection services are different.

Our company uses the latest leak detection equipment and trenchless technology in order to find pinhole leaks that other traditional methods cannot. For one, our professional plumbers can find out which part of your property has a higher moisture content than other areas, which indicate a potential leak. Then, a high-resolution camera is attached to a flexible fiber optic line to find the exact location and cause of the problem in the piping system.

The whole repair process begins when the pinhole leak is discovered. In cases of slab leaks, we can provide an estimate for a reasonable cost if you wish to repair the pipe or have the flow re-routed somewhere else.

Our high resolution camera can also record videos should you need a reference for future plumbing concerns and structural matters. Our experience and skill make us the best pinhole leak detection company in the Naples area. We can stop leaks before they develop into a huge headache for you and your family. This way, you’ll save time and money, and your furniture, walls, flooring and ceiling will be saved as well.

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SPT Pipe is the leading company that utilize trenchless technology, a no-dig solution that’s leaps and bounds better than any traditional plumbing repair. Our wide range of pinhole leak detection services ensure all leaks are detected and repaired for guaranteed peace of mind.

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