Sovent Cyclonic Cleaning Miami, Florida

At SPT Miami, Florida we focus on keeping foul odors and backflow out of sinks and toilets in tall buildings such as apartment complexes and condos. Thanks to our unique sovent cyclonic cleaning technology, we are able to perform effective, efficient pipe and drain cleaning services for our clients living in multi-story buildings. As our primary drainage approach for tall buildings, our cyclonic cleaning safely cuts through grease and buildup and extends the healthy lifetime of your pipes, all without needing to break down the walls.

What is Sovent Cyclonic Cleaning?

Sovent cyclonic cleaning is an exclusive service offered by SPT used to clean both lateral and main solvent stacks. This pipe cleaning approach utilizes existing openings (or the creation of a minimal opening), essentially eliminating the need for cutting into walls and infrastructure. Traditional pipe cleaning methods for tall buildings involved time-consuming, expensive work that often resulted in the need for property remediation. Sovent cyclonic cleaning cuts right to the chase in cleaning your pipes, without all the extra headache.

SPT will send one of our skilled technicians to your property to perform an inspection and diagnose the drainage issues. First, the technician will determine where your sovent system is located. A sovent system is a network of piping in multi-story buildings that regulates air pressure, ventilation, and gravity, while eliminating your wastewater.

After the sovent system is located, our certified technician will determine the best way to access the pipes. In order to avoid cutting into walls, we locate existing openings that allow our plumbers to perform the cleaning. The technician will then insert a small inspection camera into the pipes via one of these openings. The camera will provide a detailed live feed of the pipe conditions visible to the technician on the other side of the wall. The information obtained from the camera feed is used to properly diagnose the issue and determine the best approach for remediation and cleaning.

If cyclonic cleaning is the chosen method, a large vacuum truck will be brought to the site and vacuum hoses will be strategically placed to gain access to the pipes. The high-powered vacuum hoses work to thoroughly clean the sovent system, so it vents air at the correct capacity for your building. Proper ventilation in the sovent system will eliminate odor and backflow issues from the building. Sovent cyclonic cleaning offers a number of benefits to our valued clients. The foremost benefit is that it is cheaper, because you skip out on property remediation costs. It also provides a complete cleaning, creating better air ventilation, so your pipes function at full capacity. As a result, solvent cyclonic cleaning is an all-around superior pipe cleaning method.

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