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Clogged Drain? Toilet backing up? Slow draining kitchen sink? Is all this driving you crazy? SPT Miami will solve all of your drain problems. We provide professional drain cleaning services that completely clear your drains of all grease and buildup.

When To Call The Florida Drain Cleaning Experts?

Drain clogs are a common occurrence in every home. Even with the most careful users, drains will clog after some time. If you want to take real care of your drain and home, you should clean your drain before they completely clog. We have had customers in the past who delayed drain cleaning and had to go for complete sewer pipe replacement because the problem had aggravated beyond just simple cleaning.

To avoid that, look out for the following early signs of a drain clog:

  • Slow draining drains: If you are experiencing standing water in your drain, it’s a telling sign of a clog.
  • Regular drain cleaners aren’t doing the job: Store-bought drain cleaners only try to dissolve the clog through harsh chemicals. They don’t do the job completely. If you find yourself using drain cleaners every other week, it probably means that the problem isn’t going to be solved through these drain cleaners. And you’re probably damaging your pipes with all of the corrosive chemicals.
  • Foul smell coming from the drains: If you can smell foul odor from your drains that means waste is stuck to your pipes, and now it has started to rot. You need a professional drain cleaning because the waste can destroy your sewer pipe.
  • Toilets backing up: If you find that the toilet bowl is filling up slowly or not completely, it means there is clog that is stopping water from flowing properly.

Professional Florida Drain Cleaning

When you call our experts, we provide a complete clean of your sewer pipes. For that, we use hydro jetting. In this process, our technician will insert a hose into your sewer pipes. This hose is connected to a specialized machine that pumps high-pressure water into the pipes. We apply a pressure of up to 5000 psi into your sewer pipes. That’s almost 20 gallons of water into your pipes per minute.

The high-pressure water works to unclog your drains by forcing the clog to loosen up from your drain pipes. The water pressure is so high that it doesn’t allow anything to remaining stuck to the drain pipes. We recommend one annual hydro jetting session to all the customers. This works as a preventive measure.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting for Your Florida Home

Hydro jetting is the most effective form of drain cleaning. That’s because it does the job thoroughly. After one session of hydro jetting, you won’t be using any other drain cleaning methods for a long time. Also, hydro jetting does not damage to your sewer pipes, unlike store-bought drain cleaners that slowly corrode your drain pipes.

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