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Ave Maria, FL Drain Cleaning

It seems like bad advice is everywhere – and sometimes, it’s cleverly disguised as good advice. There’s a lot of misinformation about plumbing, but don’t believe everything you hear – especially if the source of the “facts” isn’t a professional plumber.

Today, we’re going to put on our myth-busting hats and break down the myths behind some often-repeated myths about drain cleaning.

Drain Cleaning Myth 1: I can put off dealing with a slow-flowing drain.

Fact: Just because a slow drain still technically “works,” a tub or sink that’s not flowing properly signifies a larger problem you shouldn’t ignore. Typically, the root of the problem is a clog, but there’s no way to know for sure without calling a professional plumber. Putting off home maintenance just allows the problem to get worse, and plumbing is certainly no exception to this rule.

Drain Cleaning Myth 2: I can teach myself how to solve the problem with online research.

Fact: While it’s easy to find “expert” information about pretty much any topic on the Internet, this well-meaning advice can do more harm than good. Just because you watched a few YouTube videos about drain cleaning doesn’t qualify you to clean your own drain. A series of homemade tutorials on plumbing just isn’t a substitute for the extensive training and work experience a professional installer has, and you could cause more damage to your pipes by using the incorrect technique.

Drain Cleaning Myth 3: All plumbers can perform drain cleaning.

Fact: Drain cleaning is a specialized service, and some Ave Maria plumbers have chosen not to provide drain cleaning in favor of focusing on a different plumbing specialty. Research plumbing companies that do provide that service, and always make sure they are licensed and insured before hiring them to clean your drain.

Drain Cleaning Myth 4: If my sewer backs up regularly, it must need to be replaced.

Fact: Sewer backups are fairly common and can be caused by many factors that may not have to do with the sewer line itself. For instance, low-flow toilets, typically installed in newer homes, are notorious among plumbers for frequent clogging.

The fault lies in the main selling point of this toilet style – they use less water, which means they lack the force necessary to push things completely through the sewer line. Replacing the sewer won’t do anything to address this type of toilet clog, but an annual drain cleaning will help keep your sewer line functioning properly and reduce regular backups at a fraction of the price of replacing the entire sewer line.

Drain Cleaning Myth 5: It’s much less expensive to take on my own plumbing repairs than to pay a professional.

Fact: People who attempt to repair their own plumbing may end up hiring a professional after all, both to fix the original problem and to resolve any other problems they caused by trying to repair it. Is it worth the time, energy and money you’ll spend attempting the repair project yourself, knowing you might not get the desired results?

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