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Sewer and drain services have significantly evolved over the past several decades. Traditional methods of inspection require digging around the damaged pipe and examining it to determine the extent of damage. While traditional methods of excavation are still used today, modern technology has led to trenchless services like sewer camera inspections, which provide an up-close-and-personal look at the inner workings of your Homestead pipes. Residential, commercial, and Municipal property owners in Homestead can count on Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT) to provide industry-leading camera inspections that accurately examine and assess your pipe problems.

How Camera Inspection Works

Diagnosing the cause of plumbing problems can determine the types of repairs that are needed. Our advanced equipment can inspect pipes as small as 1.5 inches in diameter, making video camera inspections a versatile solution for inspecting a variety of piping systems.

We utilize a waterproof high definition camera to navigate your Homestead pipes and locate areas of concern. The camera is pushed through your plumbing system to find obstructions, leaks, and more. A monitor will display the camera’s findings so our skilled technician can see your pipes in real time.

Our camera can identify clogs, tree root invasion, cracks, corrosion, or virtually any other problem plaguing your pipes. The advanced equipment can identify even minor damage so preventative maintenance can be used to avoid further destruction or damage to your Homestead, Florida property.

Why use Camera Inspection on Your Homestead Pipes

Video camera inspections provide a detailed look at your pipes without requiring excavation. Your pipes are accessed from one convenient access point, leaving all other areas perfectly intact. Your landscaping, sidewalks, driveways, or other features will be left untouched because the video camera provides a comprehensive look at the damage inside your pipes.

The extent of the damage in your pipes will determine the best method of repairs. Because our highly-trained technicians is able to accurately diagnose your plumbing, we will only recommend necessary and practical methods of repair. The thorough camera inspection will prevent you from overpaying for any subsequent services.

Repairs Options for Your Damaged Pipes

Many people utilize camera inspections as part of their preventative maintenance plan. Sewer camera inspections can reveal a variety of problems within your pipes such as clogs, cracks, blockages, leaks, and fractures. With vital details revealed through the inspection process, our team at SPT can repair small to large pipe problems.

Camera inspections can also be performed in between yearly maintenance when you see symptoms of pipe damage and know there is a problem. SPT offers a variety of high-quality pipe repairs, including many trenchless repairs. Trenchless pipe repair, like camera inspections, can be performed using only one small access point to minimize the impact to your property.

Call SPT for Camera Inspection Services in Homestead, FL

Innovative camera inspection performed by SPT and can help you accurately identify damage in your Homestead plumbing system. Video camera inspection is the minimally-invasive alternative to traditional inspection techniques that would inevitably damage your yard and other features of your property. We have been serving the Homestead area for years, providing customers with innovative solutions and friendly service. Contact us today for more information about how you can benefit from camera inspection.

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