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Silver Spring, Maryland Sewer Repair

In Silver Spring you can contact us at SPT Pipe for all your sewer repair services. We can take care of any problem with your plumbing system and we won’t dig up your property to do so. That’s because we use trenchless technologies for pipe rehabilitation.

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What Is Trenchless Technology?

Trenchless technology is a no dig way to repair and replace underground pipes. It starts with a sewer camera inspection. This involves locating the pipe connections that are at either end of your sewer lateral. The lateral is the pipe that runs from your home or business to a municipal line that runs along your street. The lateral is where most plumbing problems occur, and with the sewer camera inspection we can see inside the pipe to identify any issue. Once we dig a small hole to the connections, we disconnect the lateral at one end and insert the tiny sewer camera.

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What the Camera Does

We move the camera up or down the lateral pipe so we can take a close look at what is going on inside of it. With a closed-circuit system, a video feed is sent to a technician on site. The technician observes the video and is able to identify one of several issues related to the condition of the pipe. This is all done without digging a deep trench through your yard to look at the pipe from the outside. It is from this data that a diagnosis is made and pipe repair solutions are offered.

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What Issues Can Be Identified Through Sewer Camera Inspection

The quality of the video feed provides us with the information required to make accurate identifications of leaks, breaks in the line, cracks and clogs. Each of these issues can be fixed easily by the technicians we would have on site from SPT Pipe. As all of the pipe repair or replacement solutions are trenchless, we can get to work immediately and have your plumbing system working properly within a few hours.

What Trenchless Technology Solutions Are Available?

With a leak we can offer a pipe lining. The same can be effective in repairing cracks as well. A pipe lining is a resin coated sleeve that gets inserted into the existing pipe. It cures in place which hardens it leaving behind a new pipe within a pipe. To treat a clog we would suggest hydro jetting and to replace a broken pipe we would use pipe bursting. Hydro jetting is a high pressure blast of water that can cut through any blockage including tree roots. Pipe bursting involves pulling a new pipe in place and breaking up the existing one at the same time.

Contact Us For Your Appointment

Trenchless technology sewer repairs are quicker to complete and less costly than the traditional dig-and-replace method. It is also far kinder to the environment. For more information on trenchless technologies, contact us today. In Silver Spring you can reach us at SPT Pipe by calling our office direct at 301-810-5562. In the immediate area you can call us at 800-849-4610.

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