Water Pipe Repair Lining San Francisco, California

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San Francisco, California Water Pipe Repair Lining

Trenchless technology has revolutionized water pipe repair in San Francisco. It is quicker, less messy and more cost-effective than conventional methods. That’s why this approach is rapidly replacing traditional methods.

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When is Trenchless Repair Used?

Trenchless technology repairs sewer lines that are clogged, cracked, misaligned or have tree roots growing in them. In short, they are damaged.

When problems happen to these critical pipes, you experience clogs in your home drains, can’t use the toilet, sink or tubs, or run the dishwasher and clothes washer. You might find sewage backing up into your basement.

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Two Types of Trenchless Repair

In San Francisco, the two types of trenchless repair work are pipe lining and pipe bursting. Here is a quick overview. Pipe lining. A flexible tube is coated with resin and blown into or pulled through the damaged pipe. It is then inflated. Over the next several hours the resin hardens. This creates a new pipe within the old pipe.

This method is often called CIPP, cured-in-place pipe. The new pipe is about one-quarter inch smaller in diameter. Experts say this has no impact on a home’s capacity and owners won’t notice the difference.

Pipe bursting. Sometimes the old pipe has collapsed and the lining method isn’t feasible. In that case, technicians use the pipe bursting method. A new pipe is pulled through the damaged pipe. At the same time, the old one is destroyed by fracturing it outward. This leaves the new pipe in place in the exact position as the old one.

In both cases, the new pipes meet or exceed industry standards. They are both strong and durable, lasting 50 years or more.

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Why is Trenchless Better Than Conventional Repair?

The conventional method of water pipe repair in San Francisco requires workers to dig multiple trenches throughout the yard. This is necessary for them to pinpoint where the pipes are. Then they need to locate where the problem is and identify what is causing it. Finally, they need to dig up the old pipe, remove it and replace it with a new one.

In the process, they dig up lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs. If the sewer lines run under patios, walkways and driveways, they need to cut through the surface.

The result of the traditional method of repair is lots of mess. Multiple trenches destroy the landscaping. The work takes weeks to complete. It is labor intensive, which adds to the cost.

And you, as the homeowner, are responsible for the cost of restoring your gardens and lawns to their original condition. You also need to pay to have the patio, driveway and pathway repaired so they are usable.

Meanwhile, you can’t use your plumbing system until the repair is completed. This creates havoc with your family life.

What are the Benefits of Trenchless Repair?

With trenchless repair methods, just one or two access holes are necessary. Your lawn and gardens, as well as driveway, walkway and patio are safe from cuts and damage. Your landscaping stays in place.

The work is done quickly, in a matter of days. In many cases it can be completed in a single day. That means you can use your plumbing system again right away. You don’t have to look at the mess in your yard for weeks on end.

The work can cost 30% to 50% more upfront. But it is still the most cost-effective method of sewer repair. You don’t have to pay for restoration work on landscaping and other structures. The repairs last for decades and have a reputation for durability and dependability.

When you need pipe repair and lining work done in San Francisco, the trenchless method has a host of benefits. It saves you time, money and stress.

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