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Daly City, California Water Main Investigation

Advances in recent technology have made it possible to discover a whole slew of problems before they become major issues. This is great news for both your personal health, and the general health of your home or investment property’s plumbing system. Much like doctors, modern plumbers now have the option to incorporate the use of high-tech video equipment and interesting gadgets into the diagnostic process. Plumbing pipes are typically buried underground or are covered by interior walls, ceilings and floors.

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Prior to the use of this advanced technology it was next to impossible to locate the exact location, and particular trouble happening within the pipe without extensive ground excavation or interior demolition. Even the most minor leaks would lead to extremely expensive repair work. Now things are entirely different. Plumbing contractors no longer need to rip anything apart in order to find, and analyze the problem. They simply insert a tiny video camera into the pipes instead.

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A water main investigation in Daly City, CA is the perfect example of this. The plumbing contractor will place a robotic operated video camera, which is attached to a long nylon cable into a fire hydrant that is either on or near your property. The technician or operator then moves the robotic camera through the length of the water main pipe taking real time videos along the journey. The video footage is broadcast to an on site video screen such as a laptop computer or wireless tablet. The video is saved as a reference point, and can be compared to videos taken in the future as well.

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The technician uses the real time images in order to see a clear view of the interior of the water main pipe. The technician is trained to make an accurate analysis of the pipe’s condition based off of those video images. If the pipe is in rough shape repairs can be made before they become a major issue for the property owner. Often times the technician will discover microscopic problems that do not require immediate attention, but should certainly be tracked on a regular basis. That is why it is always a good idea to invest in a yearly water main inspection from the same reputable plumbing company.

Going back to the health analogy for a moment, it is just like seeing the same physician each time for your yearly checkup. He or she is familiar with how your body operates, and is certainly the most qualified to uncover any potential or current health issues. The same is absolutely true regarding your plumbing contractor. By using the same company to perform the water main inspection year after year they will have all of the information and knowledge to best identify existing or future problems within the system.

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