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Daly City, California Vent Stack Lining

One of the worst nightmares of any home or investment property owner is sure to take place if the vent stack in your plumbing system is broken. Before we tell you what will happen if this unfortunate disaster strikes it is important that you know what the vent stack actually is and what function it performs. The vent stack is a pipe that runs in a vertical position from a low point in the property, such as the basement or first floor up through the roof. The only part of the vent stack that is visible to the eye is the small pipe that sticks out of the roof.

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The walls, floors, and ceilings conceal the rest of it. The vent stack performs two main functions. The first is to maintain the correct amount of pressure with the sewer pipes so that the raw sewage and wastewater can flow out of the property and into the underground sewer system properly. The second function is equally imperative. The vent stack eliminates the buildup of sewage gas. The unpleasant smelling gas travels up the vent stack pipe where it exits the property through the part of the pipe that is sticking through the roof. It then enters into the atmosphere where the gas harmlessly dissipates.

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You have most likely made an educated guess by now as to what happens if the vent stack is broken. Actually two extremely unpleasant circumstances transpire. If the sewage gas cannot exit the building so to speak it ends up leaking through the plumbing fixtures into your property. In addition to smelling awful, sewer gas is comprised of a multitude of harmful chemicals. These chemicals certainly are unhealthy to inhale and may cause breathing problems, severe headaches, and a host of other ailments. If the second incident occurs it can be even worse.

When the raw sewage and wastewater fails to flow out and into the underground sewer system it will back up into the property through the toilet bowls, faucets, showers, and drains. Exposure to raw sewage is even more dangerous than sewage gas. It contains harmful bacteria, and may even be full of infectious diseases. Raw sewage is something that you do not want to touch even with a ten-foot pole to say the least. If either of these scenarios is happening at your property it is imperative that you contact an experienced plumbing contractor to fix the problem immediately. It is absolutely not something that you want to attempt yourself.

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In the old days reaching the vent stack for repair or replacement was quite a large undertaking. The plumbing contractor needed to remove all sections of walls, floors, and ceilings that were covering it. Far too many plumbers still rely on this outdated method even though there is a high-tech procedure that does not require any major demolition. Vent stack lining in Daly City, CA is significantly faster, and considerably less expensive than the old school demolition approach. Only a tiny access hole is required that enables a hose to be inserted into the vent stack pipe.

A machine then blows a specifically formulated epoxy material into the pipe in order to fully line all of the interior surfaces. The epoxy cures or sets in place within hours. Once it hardens the pipe lining is formed. In essence the lining acts as a brand new pipe. It simply does not matter if there are cracks or even breaks in the old vent stack pipe. The lining completely seals it and protects the pipe from any future problems. The job can be completed at a fraction of the cost, and it only takes a day or two from start to finish. The new pipe lining will last for approximately fifty years.

SPT Plumbing is an industry leader that specializes in vent stack lining along with a host of trenchless pipe repair and replacement services. We have been proudly serving our customers in the Daly City area since 1996. Please contact us for a free consultation regarding all of your plumbing related needs. We look forward to working with you.

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