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Daly City, California Trenchless Storm Drain Repair

Water certainly is one of the most basic elements needed to sustain life in general. However, it can also be one of the leading causes of headaches for home and commercial real estate owners in the Daly City, CA area. If you have too much of it on your property the excess water may produce relentless damage to the exterior and interior of your home or building. Not to mention that your landscaping will absolutely turn into a muddy, soggy, nasty mess. That being said the main purpose of the storm drainage system located on your property is to move the excess water from the places where it causes harm to another area where it does not.

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Storm drain pipes along with catch basins, drain grates, and trench drains are the main components of the storm drain system that is located below ground. Its main purpose is to catch the water runoff from your property and through the use of gravity directs the water to your city or town’s main sewer storm system. If any of the components are not working properly the water runoff simply cannot reach the main sewer. It ends up dispersing on your property instead. This will lead to floods that ruin your yard or grounds. What’s worse is that the stagnant water may reach your home or building.

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It can ruin exterior building materials and even enter the interior of the property where the water will wreck your personal possessions, and interior building materials. The stagnant water also causes mold and mildew to appear on interior surfaces, and can become breeding grounds for insects that carry deadly diseases such as mosquitoes. It is imperative to contact an experienced plumbing contractor as soon as you notice any excessive puddles forming in your yard or grounds. That way any problems with the storm drain can be repaired before it turns into a major catastrophe.

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Speaking of which, most storm drainage system issues are caused by cracks, breaks, and rotten spots in the storm drainpipes. Once these weak spots appear it only gets worse from there. Larger holes being to form, and dirt and tree roots have the perfect access to enter into the interior of the pipe. The dirt and tree roots build up over time and eventually cause clogs. When the excess storm water run off is blocked it simply cannot reach the sewer main that is located under the street. Obviously that is why and how it backs up and enters your yard or grounds instead.

Having the storm drain fixed can be a time consuming, and quite expensive undertaking. Fortunately advanced plumbing technology, in the form of trenchless storm drain repair in Daly City, CA can fix the problem in a matter of days verses weeks using the more traditional excavation method. On top of the fact that going trenchless is approximately seventy-five percent less money. Yes, you read that correctly, trenchless storm drain repair is an incredible 75-percent less expensive than the old school, and completely outdated excavation process.

So how does trenchless repair jobs work? Instead of using heavy-duty excavation equipment to dig a large trench along the whole length of the storm drain pipe in order to expose and then fix it, the plumbing contractor only needs to dig a small access hole. They then use a high-tech machine to spray an epoxy material inside the entire length of the pipe. The epoxy thoroughly covers the pipe’s interior surfaces. Once it cures in place, meaning it completely dries the epoxy forms a pipe liner that in essence acts as a brand new storm drainpipe within the old one. It will last for fifty plus years.

SPT Plumbing has been in industry leader since the company began back in 1994. We are proud to specialize in trenchless storm drain repair along with many other high-tech plumbing solutions. If you need any plumbing work in Daly City, CA or surrounding areas please contact us for a free initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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