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Why Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining is the Right Solution for You in San Francisco, California?

The destructive process of digging up your yard is now a thing of the past thanks to Trenchless Pipe Lining here in beautiful San Francisco! Whenever your pipes back up or get clogged it’s good to know that you have quite a few options when it come to find the right no-dig repair. It can also save you the trouble of having to dig up or tear down walls, which can potentially save you up to 40% in repair costs. What you get is a brand-new pipe installed within the old pipelines for a worry-free long-term solution without the hassle of having to repair your property.

If you are a homeowners and property manager you have a lot to think about when it comes to how best to repair or replace faulty pipes. First, there’s checking the rainwater leader and sewer drainage pipes when they back up. The cause of this could be a lot of things- seismic movement, structural movement, root intrusion, calcification and an old, damaged line are just some of the things they have to factor in. If not properly cared for,  you may be faced with a tough decision when it comes to inside and outside structural pipe rehabilitation.  Moreover, the costs can balloon to thousands, or even millions of dollars as they try to repair the aging underground municipality infrastructure or high-rise complexes.

Rainwater and water damage may also cause havoc on your health in the form of contaminating molds and harmful bacteria in certain situations.  As sewer blockage leads to an overflow, some of the wastes can flood into other parts of the house and even outside the yard unbeknown to you and your family.  

There’s a better alternative to roof drain replacements and sewer line repairs. This method is called the CIPP, or the Cured In Place Pipe. What this does is it replaces your old, broken pipes with a new one in exactly the same place. There are several ways for you could approach trenchless sewer pipe rehabilitation.

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The Inversion Method

The Inversion process requires only one access point to replace your damaged, leaking pipes. Modern technology allows for laying of up to 200ft or more,  in about a day’s time. Typically, this process requires impregnating a felt-like material with an epoxy resin saturating the entire length of the pipe lining material.  Once saturated the liner is rolled up into an inversion drum where air pressure is released shooting the liner down into the damaged pipe.  After this has been completed, an air bladder or cal tub (calibration tube) is inserted inside the epoxy resin liner and filled with air.  This allows for the resin soaked liner to be forced against the interior of the damaged pipe.  At this point you allow for the pipe to cure-in-place, hence the term CIPP (cure in place pipe).  Curing times vary due to several factors, however, it typically takes approx. 4-5 hours to harden.  Then you release the air pressure and pull out the cal tube. Now, you have a 100% fully rehabilitated new pipe within the old pipe.  This pipe will last decades and be completely worry free.

While large projects make use of a combination of PIP and Inversion, there are other ways and methods of CIPP installations. There’s horizontal pipe lining, lateral pipe lining, vertical stack pipelining and vertical pipe lining depending on the type of application. 

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The Pull-in-Place Method

Pull In Place is a CIPP process where the liner is “pulled into place” inside the pipe and it works a little differently than the traditional ‘inversion’ method. This method usually has a less of a failure rate and can be more reliable as the curing process only starts once you blow up the air bladder on the inside of the liner. To allow for the epoxy saturated liner to take position, 2 access points are needed. The first is the entrance where the liner is fed through the existing pipes, and the other access point to pull it in.

This innovative, cured-in-place pipe pipe process creates a structural pipe inside the existing damaged pipe system without the need of digging or tearing out walls in multi-floor buildings. In most cases, the pipe is rehabilitated to a better-than-new condition, with an increased flow rate, eliminated weakened joints, sealed cracks and eradicating the chance of groundwater pollution.

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Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

The end result of CIPP replacement is a smooth transition from old pipes to fully-functioning new ones. The roots will no longer be able to get inside the jointless pipes, and calcification is no longer a problem because the deposits simply slide off the epoxy-lined pipes.

Best of all, there’s no wanton property destruction and everything is done above the ground. There’s virtually no damage to your property and all of its landscape features.

Call us now to get the best Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining San Francisco. We have the expertise and the essential equipment to meet your specific sewer line replacement needs. We can get you back on track with our quick, efficient, and top quality trenchless pipe restoration services.

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