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Mission District San Francisco, California Sewer Repair

Far too many people put off sewer repairs because they are afraid. These fears probably stem from previous projects that someone saw or experienced that related to large sewer initiatives. Old ways of targeting sewers and performing either repairs or replacements involved excavation processes that would completely uproot a person’s property to access and replace pipes for their drainage system. Thankfully here at Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT), not only do we not want to have to put our clients through that hassle, we also don’t want to deal with all of that unnecessary work and mess when it’s not needed. SPT offers trenchless sewer repair options that do just that – repair your sewer with a no dig solution.

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Since 1994, SPT has been performing trenchless techniques. We are innovators of sewer camera inspections in the state of Florida. We have expanded not only our services, but our locations, serving clients nationwide and now offering services in the Mission District of San Francisco.

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SPT is able to tackle both repairs and replacements with the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) method. This is a trenchless process that allows us to target and treat your entire pipeline system in one project. It takes minimal time, less manpower, and produces better results than the standard pipe replacement techniques. We start with our state-of-the-art inspections and are able to determine what is in your pipes, what needs to be removed to perform the CIPP method, and determine the best option to fit your needs. Once the cleaning is complete, we are ready for the main component, which is the CIPP lining process.

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A CIPP liner is made up of an epoxy resin mixture that is extremely reliable and durable. The liner is set to last an average of 50 years or more, serving as a brand new pipe for your system. The liner is pulled through the entire system. This is easy due to the flexibility of the liner. It is able to bend and mold to the twists and turns of your pipes without issue. After the liner is pulled through and cut to fit exactly to the length of the pipes, the liner is inflated. It cures to the pipes and forms to the pre existing pipes. Once it’s finished, it is basically a pipe within a pipe. You are left with a fully treated system that will last for years to come.

A great feature of CIPP sewer repair is that can take as little as one day to complete the entire process. Another great asset is that SPT is able to treat your entire system instead of just one portion at a time, leaving you with a freshly lined system and worry free mindset for decades to come.

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SPT specializes in CIPP pipe rehabilitation. We are and always have been supporters of trenchless repairs and techniques. We are able to tackle issues with minimal need for digging and affecting your day-to-day lives. If you want an inspection to see if you are a candidate for CIPP pipe replacements and repairs, call SPT today. We are your go to for sewer repairs in the Mission District of San Francisco.

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