Sewer Line Repair And Replacement Daly City CA

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Daly City, California Sewer Line Repair And Replacement

Sewer line repair and or replacement can certainly be a terribly expensive undertaking that completely disrupts the lives of property owners and tenants alike for weeks on end. This statement holds especially true if you hire a plumbing contractor that employs the use of the outdated yet still widely used traditional sewer excavation method. The good news is that sewer line repair and replacement in Daly City, CA can actually be quick and cost effective, but only if the plumbing company that you hire is advanced enough to use technology instead of machinery. In order to fully understand the difference we will start with the old school method first.

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The Traditional Excavation Sewer Line Repair And Replacement Method

When a plumbing company applies the traditional sewer excavation method they use heavy-duty excavation equipment, such as a backhoe to access the sewer line that is buried under the ground at your property. The first step is to dig a large trench along the length of the sewer pipeline. If the pipe is in decent shape the broken areas can be fixed. However, if the pipe is beyond repair it must be completely removed and a new one is installed. Between digging the trench to unearth the pipeline, making the necessary repairs or removing the old one and replacing it with a new sewer pipe it is a time consuming process to say the least.

In construction time equals money. The formula is quite simple regarding your bottom line. The more time it takes to complete the project equals more money that the property owner must pay the plumbing contractor. Perhaps that is the exact reason why so many plumbers are reluctant to let go of this old, outdated, and overly expensive method? The longer that they are hard at work at your property gives them the means to justify charging you more money. In addition, the use heavy-duty excavation equipment is one of the most expensive aspects of any construction project, and you are the one paying for every hour that the backhoe is in operation.

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The High-Tech Trenchless Sewer Line Repair And Replacement Method

Trenchless sewer repair and replacement requires an extremely minimal amount of digging work. In fact there is absolutely zero need to excavate a trench at all. There are actually two trenchless methods that plumbers make good use of. The first is called Pipe Lining, which is performed when the existing sewer line is in fairly good shape, meaning there are no major breaks in the pipe. A small access hole is dug at one end of the sewer line that enables a machine to reach the rest of the pipe. This machine either blows or pulls a tube through the entire length of the existing pipe, coating the interior surfaces with a specially formulated resin.

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The resin cures in place and forms a liner or pipe within a pipe. If the sewer line is beyond repair than the plumbing contractor will use the Pipe Bursting Method. A small access hole is dug at both ends of the sewer line. A different machine is used to install a brand new continuous plastic PVC pipe into the old one. As the new pipe enters it bursts or breaks the old pipe in an outward motion. The pieces of the old pipe are left buried in the ground. Of course the new PVC pipe completely replaces the old sewer line. Both trenchless methods will last for approximately fifty years, take only a day or two to complete, and cost a fraction of the traditional excavation method.

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