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Mission District San Francisco, California Sewer Camera Inspections

What lies within your drains can be a mystery. Pipes lie beneath the ground, buried under your yard and house. But since 1994, Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT) has been putting those mysteries to rest. SPT was founded as Florida’s first underground sewer camera inspection specialists, making us innovative and experts in the industry for this procedure. Our roots are in Florida, but we have expanded nationally over the years. Our high quality technology and knowledgeable staff have come to San Francisco’s Mission District, and we are ready to inspect your drains for you!

sewer camera inspection San Francisco

Sewer camera inspections are useful for various reasons. We use inspections to see the state of your pipes and their current condition. This is important as this could save you big money. If we see that there is a pre-existing issue, we can target it and fix it before it becomes bigger than it is, whereas if you let the issue expand, it could cost you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars more for repairs.

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We can also determine if you are due for a drain cleaning. SPT offers various methods of drain cleaning, including Hydro Jetting and Mechanical options as well. There is no drain too dirty or too grimey for us to tackle. Getting your pipes cleaned routinely can help extend the life of the pipes, stripping them down to their original state and preventing rusting. Our drain inspections will tell us how often you should get your pipes cleaned and show us your bare pipes so that we can inspect them and look for any issues.

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The final reason we may need to inspect your pipes is to pinpoint an issue within your system. If you are experiencing a leak or have a clog or backup, our sewer camera inspection allows us to find the issue and treat it properly the first time.

So how do sewer camera inspections work and what should you expect if you need to have an inspection done at your home or business?  SPT uses state-of-the-art video inspection equipment when viewing the inside of your drains. A cable with a camera is fed through the pipelines. During this time, our team is fed video and photos that capture each part of the pipes. We are able to assess the entire system and report of each section and the system as a whole. This live streaming gives us the ability to easily locate problem areas and identify where they lie within the system.

If you don’t know the last time you had your pipes inspected, that means it’s time to have an inspection done. You need to know that state of your pipes before it’s too late and it costs you a fortune. Having your pipes routinely inspected and cleaned will allow our staff to notice an issue and fix it before it was even noticeable to you. SPT is an innovator in sewer camera inspections and we are happy to bring this service to our current and potential customers of the Mission District area of San Francisco.

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