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Mission District, San Francisco Roof Drain Lining

Roof drains are invaluable for all residential and commercial properties, redirecting the water from your roof straight to the municipal treatment system. When the roof drain breaks down it can cause harm to your property and the environment. At SPT, we recommend our roof drain lining services the moment a repair needs to be made, because without our services, pots of mold and mildew can form on your walls or ceiling and affect the health of your family or workers.

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Residents may be wondering if commercial pipe relining is a good way to fix roof drain problems. Specialized Pipe Technologies wholly recommends trenchless pipe relining that gets the job done without ever digging a single trench. Roof drain lining is one of the best solutions when you’re facing a troublesome pipe that shows cracks or leakages. The procedure strengthens the overall integrity of your pipes and extends its lifespan for years to come.

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In roof drain lining, your existing pipes remain in place while our technicians prepare a same-length liner that covers the problem area. All we need to do is to create a small access point to where the liner can be inserted. The liner is coated with a special epoxy resin, then inserted and inflated into the same area as the ailing pipe. Curing begins which should take 4 hours at most; the tube hardens and sticks to the insides of the existing pipe. The end result is a new pipe within a pipe process without ever having to excavate your yard, your walls or ceiling. The best part of the pipe lining process is that everything is done above the ground, which minimizes the risk of groundwater contamination and toxic hazards that could rise to the surface.

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Trenchless technology can repair all kinds of drain pipes and sewer lines. This innovative procedure shines when the repair has to be done underground or when the problem pipes are all but inaccessible, such as in situations when roof drains are encased in asbestos material or when the pipes on the roof have collapsed or deteriorated. One single liner can be used to repair hundreds of feet of piping in just one session. Pipe lining is an unobtrusive procedure which can come in handy if the problem pipe is located in a high-traffic areas including roads, sidewalks, or bustling business establishments. Businesses can resume work without ever worrying about being disrupted by the trenchless repair. The only time the system is shut off is when the new epoxy is in the curing stage. You won’t have to think about the new pipe again as it’s durable and the material can last for 50 years or more.

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At SPT, we are committed to bringing high quality services using the latest tools and the most advanced equipment possible. Our mission is to come on time and complete the repairs on time while saving you the costs of having to dig up your landscape. Call SPT at 800-849-4610 and inquire our roof drain lining services in San Francisco.

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