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Daly City California Roof Drain Lining

Although you may not have a degree in construction management it is important for building owners to have a basic understanding of the various systems that keep your property functioning on a daily basis. For example, the water drainage system, particularly the roof drain is one of those items that most property managers do not pay much attention to until there are major problems. On that note we need to begin by explaining exactly what the roof drain is, and what it does. The main function of a roof drain is to remove storm water from the roof of your building in order to avoid damage to the property caused by excessive water buildup.

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Typically a drain is installed directly on the roof or canopy of the property. Storm water collects on the roof and gravitates its way to the drain. From there it enters the roof drain pipes, which are those clay, copper, or iron pipes that run down your building from the roof to the ground. Once the storm water works its way down the drain pipes one of three things occur depending on how your system is constructed.

  1. The storm water travels through an underground pipe to your storm sewer where it then goes on to the city or town’s main sewer system.
  2. The storm water travels through an underground pipe to a retention pond located on or near the property.
  3. The storm water simply exits the bottom of the drainpipe and splashes on the ground where it is left to naturally dissipate into the ground.

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When storm drain related problems occur they are most likely associated with the drainpipes, or down spouts as some people refer to them as. Any building constructed over forty years ago incorporated the use of roof drainpipes that were manufactured out of materials that are considered inferior by today’s standards. These materials tend to crack, break, and rot. When the drainpipes are compromised the storm water simply cannot drain off of the roof in an effective manner. This leads to a buildup of standing water that can cause structural damage to the roof.

Eventually the standing storm water will begin to works its way into the property thereby ruining interior building materials, expensive equipment, and personal possessions to name only a few things that the floodwater destroys. On top of the fact that wet interior surfaces lead to the perfect conditions for dangerous mold and mildew to breed. Needless to say if the storm water is not draining off of the roof properly you will be facing an vastly time consuming, tremendously inconvenient, and extremely expensive situation.

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It is crucial that you contact an experienced plumbing contractor as soon as you notice any large puddles forming on the roof. That way you can have the roof drainpipes fixed before it becomes a disastrous situation. There is something that you must be aware of prior to contacting a professional. Many plumbers still rely on the old school method of removing the old pipes entirely and replacing them with new ones. There is a far less invasive procedure that saves both time and money. Roof drain lining in Daly City, CA is the technologically advanced way to do things more efficiently.

Instead of removing the old downspouts, the plumbing contractor is actually able to utilize them. An epoxy is blown into the pipes using a special high-tech machine. Once the resin cures in place, which typically takes a few hours it forms a lining within the old roof drainpipe. This lining actually acts as a brand new pipe located on the inside of the old one. The contractor can finish the entire job within a day or two and your roof drain system is back up and working just like that for a fraction of the cost.

SPT Pipe is an industry leader that offers the most advanced, high-tech services to our valued customers in the Daly City area. We take great pride in the fact that our team of highly experienced technicians is trained in all of the latest plumbing methods in order to provide you with fast, and cost effective solutions.

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