Epoxy Pipe Lining Mission District, San Francisco CA

San Francisco CA Epoxy Pipe Lining

Mission District San Francisco, California Epoxy Pipe Lining

At Specialized Pipe Technology, we utilize epoxy pipe lining to solve all kinds of sewer pipe issues, including misaligned pipelines, cracks, leaks, collapses, and clogs. Our process is different from the traditional dig-and-replace methods since it requires a limited amount of excavation of any kind. Our work is so effective and non-invasive that our customers won’t have to worry about the exposed soil or restoring their landscape after our work is finished. Our company is proud to have invested in the latest technological advancements and tools to bring our customers in the San Francisco area one-day fixes that will last for many years.

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All of our pipe rehabilitation processes start with a CCTV inspection. This will reveal important information such as the material and the condition of your pipe and where your lines are located. Our technicians will get to diagnose the source of the issue and its exact location. With a fiber optic camera we can do a whole sewer line inspection and be able to come up with a completely accurate diagnosis, and based on what our inspection reveals, we will move forward with the appropriate solution.

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Epoxy pipe lining requires a thorough cleaning first. The resin must be able to adhere to the interior of the pipe without any debris or waste inhibiting the process. To achieve this, we use special hydro jetting equipment fitted in with a unique nozzle, allowing our technicians to blast pressurized water into the whole inside diameter of your pipes, giving it a thorough clean. Rust, scale, debris, sand, and food waste disintegrate and get washed away to the municipal treatment plant. Our cleaning services rely on pure water to get the job done, making it currently the greenest and the safest method of cleaning for a wide variety of piping materials.

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Afterwards, we can begin the epoxy pipe lining process. An epoxy pipe is a soft, sleeve-like material soaked in resin. The liner gets pulled into place using two access points, in which hot water is then applied. The chemical reaction will cause the epoxy to harden and inflate, adopting the shape of the inner pipe structure. After just a few hours, you’ll be having a new pipe that will work just as good as the old one, if not better. The water main can be turned back on and you will be able to resume life without any further disruption.

A final inspection ensures that the liner is where it should be and your sewer lines are functioning without any defects. This trenchless technology can be used to restore various piping infrastructures on multiple systems, whether for drain, vent stack, or damaged sewer pipes. The jointless pipe is able to withstand calcification and root intrusion, and the original flow of wastewater is improved considerable. With a lifespan of fifty years or more, you can expect the new pipeline material to work properly in your pipeline system for a long time.

Specialized Pipe Technologies can offer you a well-functioning sewer system that’s free of clogs, backups and poor flow. If you’re sick and tired of experiencing pipeline issues month after month, then it’s time to call our team of professionals for assistance.

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