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Chula Vista, California Pipe Inspection

A ruptured 8-inch water main in October of 2013 flooded multi-million dollar homes in Rancho Santa Fe. The break saw water “gushing through” an upscale neighborhood not far from Chula Vista, CA. It is Possible that a pipe inspection could have avoided such an incident and illustrates why you should consider having a pipe inspection conducted on your sewer and drain pipes.

SPT Pipe provides pipe inspection services in Chula Vista, California. You should consider a pipe inspection to identify potential problems within your plumbing system before they can get out of hand and result in a ruptured pipe. Our professional plumbers can take care of the inspection without causing much disturbance to your home or business property.

We do this using trenchless technology.

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How Important are Pipe Inspections?

A pipe inspection is a preventative maintenance project. However, with trenchless technology this process can be conducted without the need to excavate your yard to locate and remove a sewer pipe in order to inspect it. Instead, we will dig a small access hole to the connection point with your building’s sewer and drain system. The hole will be small in size and, once filled after the job is done, you won’t even know we were there.

Chula Vista CA camera inspections spt

After we can access the pipe connection we insert a tiny closed-circuit camera. What this does is give us eyes inside the pipe. With this inside view we can spot various issues with your sewer pipe. If there is a clog we will be able to measure the precise location and try to remove it with pressurized water or air. The camera gives us an accurate picture of the condition of your pipeline. It will help us to identify a break in the line, as well as cracks and cave ins.

Chula Vista CA video inspect pipe

What Happens if There’s a Problem?

Should we find one of these in your sewer line, our SPT Pipe experts will go over your options with you and help you determine the best solution to repair the problem. Trenchless technology gives us several ways to repair the pipe without actually removing it. By doing this we save time and save you money. Most of these repairs can be completed in less than a day and without interrupting your water service.

If we have to use a cured-in-place pipe liner, an epoxy liner, or pipe bursting in order to fix your pipe, should there be a problem, you will discover something really interesting about these trenchless repairs. They will last a long, long time. In fact, once you have had a trenchless technology repair to a sewer or drain line, you may never have to repair it again.

Even if you do not have the signs of a pipe problem, if the sewer system you are on is an old one, chances are that some of the ceramic or cement pipes are deteriorating underground. This is a perfect reason to have a pipe inspection. To find out more about how a pipe inspection can save you money on a sewer line repair, call us at SPT Pipe.

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