Water Pipe Repair Lining Toronto, Canada

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Toronto, Canada Water Pipe Repair Lining

Living near a great body of water in the olden days was such a luxury for people. A reliable water source meant entire villages could survive and even thrive as they can obtain clear, sparkling water for bathing, cooking and drinking. Nowadays, the extensive water system in Toronto extends to each and every home, providing clean water for drinking and other necessities. All you have to do is turn on the tap!

But this aging network of water pipes has its own problems, and thousands of pipes are in a state of disrepair. These old pipes now exhibit pinhole leaks, and the pipes themselves are corroded or even broken in some places, forming slab leaks. The solder and hardware that connects one pipe to another have deteriorated. Worse, lead components in the soil and coming off galvanized pipes can affect you and your family’s health via potable water delivered by this infrastructure.

Here’s what you need to know about broken water pipes- they can be fixed, repaired or replaced in the most efficient way possible, thanks to an innovative no-dig solution called trenchless technology. It’s a Water Pipe Repair And Lining Toronto that provides unsurpassed peace of mind to residential and commercial owners. Here’s how you can take advantage of the no-dig solution offered by our expert plumbing technicians over at SPT Pipe Services:

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When to Call Trenchless Professionals

As homeowners, it is your responsibility to notice signs of pipe damage, such as when you notice wet spots in the walls or ceilings, or when you wonder where the water pressure went over the last few weeks. Sometimes they break down due to age, root intrusion and other probable reasons. A small crack in the water pipes could develop into a disaster that disrupts your everyday life. As soon as you notice these issues, it would be in your best interest to call SPT Pipe for a quick and cost-effective pipe repair.

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Water Pipe Repair and Pipe Lining

Pipelining is one of the better methods in bringing your water pipes up to a suitable condition. Our technicians make use of the latest equipment in order to clean the water pipes of any buildup or debris before the pipelining process begins. A thorough inspection of your pipes will be done to ensure the trenchless method will work well. A specialized equipment is used to coat the water pipe’s interior with an epoxy resin. The liner is then “cured” or made to harden, effectively becoming the replacement pipe within the old pipe. Both minor and major leaks can be fixed in this manner.

The new epoxy resin pipes are expected to last a good number of decades. As soon as our technicians finish the trenchless repair, you can immediately turn on the water source to resume water flow. You’ll notice the improved water pressure right away. The entire trenchless repair takes only a few hours of your time. Most importantly, you won’t have to dig up your yard or any part of your home via major excavation.

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SPT Plumbing is your go-to company if you wish to experience the best Water Pipe Repair And Lining Toronto. We promise top-notch quality and your satisfaction when it comes to our trenchless services.

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