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Toronto, Canada Water Main Investigation

Homeowners have a responsibility to keep their property in good shape. As a general rule, anything that breaks or starts out as a small problem can turn out to be a disaster if not taken care of. Seemingly simple leaks in your pipes can lead to a full day of disruption. Thanks to recent advances in plumbing, there’s no more reason to delay in repairing or replacing your pipes.

SPT Pipe services offer a wide array of trenchless water and sewer line repairs, starting with a water main investigation in Toronto. Our qualified technicians can detect and correctly resolve all types of underground and above ground pipe systems for both residential and commercial properties. Our promise is to quickly find the source of the problem and resolve the issue using the most appropriate trenchless methods. Of course, your flooring, walls and lawn will be kept safe until the project’s completion. Our no-dig solutions require less manpower and even less machinery, saving you more money in the long run.

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How The Water Main Investigation or Inspection Works

Our expert technicians will show up at the site with a selection of advanced equipment and tools to carry out water main inspections and trenchless repairs. A remote-controlled, high-tech fiber optic camera is snaked in the main water line for a quick inspection of damages. It records a sequence of pictures and these images may be viewed in real time by the plumber and homeowner.

The entire surface area is inspected to determine the scope of the water pipe problem. Our professional plumbers will then recommend a course of action that will solve all the water pipe issues you’ve been experiencing. On top of that, our technicians will map out a future plan depending on your pipe’s overall condition. When everything is set, the trenchless repair or replacement takes place, and the video sequence is stored for future reference.

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Prevention and Maintenance

Most water main issues start out small. Because they are located underground and mostly out of sight, they are hard to detect. Everything might seem fine- the water is clear, the pressure is strong and serviceable, and there aren’t any sunk, water-logged areas in your yard. The thing is, there could already be small cracks and disjointed pipes that are leaking water into the surrounding soil. When it finally breaks, the floodgates open and you start noticing it. Worse, it can complicate matters, such as having water back up and flood your business establishment or front yard.

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Opting for a Water Main Investigation Toronto saves you all that trouble for a fraction of the cost in major sewer and drain line repairs. SPT Pipe specializes in seeking out potential sewer, drain and water line problems to save you a lot of potential disasters in the future. Once a significant issue is found, our technicians will recommend the best course of action via trenchless sewer line repairs and replacements. Having to dig up extensive tracts of land just to get to the problem pipes is no longer a requirement with trenchless technology. You can enjoy better water pressure, less corrosion and root intrusion instances, and save up 50 years’ worth of sewer line repairs with the more durable piping material.

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