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Toronto, Canada Vent Stack Lining

Most people won’t have any idea of what a vent stack is. Quite surprisingly, if you ask homeowners, real estate individuals and commercial establishment owners, they wouldn’t have an idea either. What happens when the vent stack breaks or malfunctions? As it turns out, vent stacks are connected to one of your home’s most essential elements- the network of sewer pipes hidden underground. Would you like to know how a vent stack works and where you can locate one? Great, we will answer that here.

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What is a Vent Stack?

A vent stack is a vertical-standing structure located just above the top fixture tie-in. Its primary role is to provide an adequate flow of air to the drain line system, just enough so that sewer stacks and systems can flow water in, instead of the water being forced back by pressure. It’s the work of a vent stack whenever you flush the toilet, turn on the tap or turn on the shower. Moreover, it “vents” sewer gas out of your home or commercial establishment safely into the outside environment.

Our Vent Stack Lining offer in the Toronto area is considered to be one of the best in the plumbing industry. Call on our trenchless technology services and we will have your vent stack replaced by a stronger, more durable pipe.

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The Vent Stack Lining Process

Our company uses a simple step by step approach to effective vent stack lining repair.

First, we’ll need to see what’s causing the problem in your vent stack. For this end, our technicians make use of a high-tech camera that is slid inside the pipes. An assessment is absolutely important for diagnosing the problem and determining the best course of action for it. When the problem is found, then the lining repair process starts. The pipe is cleared of any obstructions and prepared.

Most traditional plumbing repairs are messy, inefficient and an exercise in frustration. This applies to smaller issues as well. Call SPT for any type of trenchless service in Toronto for a quick, no-fuss service that leaves a satisfied smile on your face.

As part of our process, a liner is used to replace the broken pipes in the walls or under the floor. It’s part of an innovative trenchless method that doesn’t require plumbers to dig up huge patches of land just to get to the problem pipes. No excess digging and heavy machinery equal unparalleled savings and little disruption in day to day living. You and your family, your customers or tenants will be relatively undisturbed.

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Contact Us

Do you need help with your vent stack issues? Our excellent Vent Stack Lining Toronto services can get you back to your work or daily chores in no time at all. Considering the hassles and the inconveniences of traditional sewer line repairs, trenchless technology is leaps and bounds ahead. It’s the preferred sewer line repair solution by most residents and commercial owners in Toronto, with good reason. SPT Pipe can handle any type of trenchless sewer, water and drain pipe repairs and replacements. Our years of experience and expertise ensure total customer satisfaction from our clients. Call us today at 800-849-4610 to learn more on how trenchless technology can upgrade your pipes to last 50 years or longer!

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