Trenchless Storm Drain Repair Toronto, Canada

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Toronto, Canada Trenchless Storm Drain Repair

Ever seen a storm drain in action? It’s quite an interesting thing. Water is carried off from buildings onto a reservoir, to which it can easily be cleaned and reused as part of the water system. One important aspect of a storm drain is that it has to be at a location near the street or close to your home. This presents somewhat of a problem as if the storm drains experience blockage of sorts; you won’t be able to see what’s happening until you begin to see its effect on your building.

Here are some of the most common signs that your storm drain isn’t working as it should:

  • Unusual odor, usually sewage odor emanating from the drains.
  • Toilet water backing up immediately after a flush.
  • Wastewater moves and drains slowly.

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Trenchless Storm Drain Repair Process

Trenchless Storm Drain Repair in Toronto is one of the best ways to fix your ailing storm drain. This method is eco-friendly and the whole process only takes several hours to complete, as long as you have an experienced technician at the helm. SPT Pipe ensures you’ll get back to life with minimal disruptions when you opt for trenchless repair with us. The savings you get when opting for trenchless is unbelievable- it’s about 75 percent less as compared to going the traditional pipe repair methods.

Our technicians will inspect the damaged storm drain using the latest high-resolution camera. We only need a tiny access hole to fit in the fiber optic camera and carry out the repair. Then, a plumbing machine is used to introduce an epoxy resin material into the whole length of the storm drain pipe, covering the interior completely. The resin is purposely dried in order to take the old pipe’s place. In effect, it’s like installing a newer, more durable pipe in the same place.

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Advantages of Using Trenchless Repair for Fixing Storm Drains

Trenchless Technology is Affordable

The whole storm drain repair process takes significantly less time than traditional pipe repair methods. You save money on fewer hours labor. Moreover, the innovative no-dig solution won’t require you to hire contractors and heavy equipment to dig up the land to get to the problem pipes.

Less Digging = Less Disruption

If you hate the option of using your precious sick leave or vacation leave just to be at home when the repair starts, then trenchless is really the way to go. Instead of weeks of headaches and inconveniences, your storm drains will be fixed in just a matter of hours. This applies to both residential areas and commercial establishments.

Avoid Fines

Did you know that you can be fined by your county government for having a defective storm drain? The penalty depends on how severe your storm drain issues are. The more you leave your storm drains alone, the more penalty you can accumulate. In the end, you might be charged more than if you’ve just called a plumber for repairs. Call SPT Pipe and see how we can help before the costs add up.

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Storm drains are an essential component in any building or commercial establishment. Avail of our Trenchless Storm Drain Repair Toronto and you’ll come away with peace of mind, knowing your storm drains will be restored to working order in the least amount of time.

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