Trenchless Pipe Bursting Toronto, Canada

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Toronto, Canada Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Sewer and water pipes that have seen better days are perfect candidates for Trenchless Pipe Bursting Toronto. Completely damaged pipes, such as ones that have collapsed and cannot be worked on via CIPP, or cured in place pipe procedures, can still be replaced by newer, stronger pipes via the innovative trenchless method.

Pipe bursting shares a lot of aspects and benefits with its cousin, CIPP, or cured in place pipe. Both are infinitely more cost-effective than traditional sewer line repairs and replacements and are remarkable due to their no-dig installation. It can work almost anywhere, from a peaceful suburban backyard to a commercial establishment nestled in the city.

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How Does Pipe Bursting Work?

Don’t be surprised if our technician shows up at your door carrying a few pieces of high-tech equipment. It’s certainly a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of trying to get to your pipes via heavy machinery and endless digging.

Pipe bursting involves a large diameter head pipe that breaks through the old pipeline, dispersing the remains into the surrounding soil. The cone-shaped head is fed first through the broken sewer pipe to ensure the installation is aligned the same as your old pipe was.

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Benefits of Pipe Bursting

Where CIPP cannot be applied (such as a completely broken or collapsed pipe), trenchless pipe bursting is the definite answer. It has some notable benefits, found below:

Whether or not your old pipes are completely broken or not, pipe bursting can be used as the no-dig solution for both residential and commercial sewer pipelines.

You can and most likely will have a larger pipe that has a greater diameter than your old sewer pipe. That larger access means there’s a noticeable increase in the flow.

Excellent HDPE piping is jointless, more resistant to corrosion and is expected to last 50 years or even longer.

The Pipe Bursting Process

  1. Two pipe-shaped holes are dug in the immediate site where the problem pipe is.

  2. A fiber optic, high-resolution camera is fed through the pipes to see whether it can fit in all the necessary trenchless equipment and methods.

  3. A steel cable passes through the broken pipes, starting at one access hole point and coming out the other access point.

  4. The cable is fitted in with a large, conical shaped bursting head which is larger than the diameter of the problem pipe. The HDPE-based pipe piggybacks through the bursting head.

  5. The new HDPE pipe is pulled along with the conical-shaped bursting head through the old pipe, breaking it and scattering the remains to the adjacent soil.

  6. The HDPE pipe now effectively replaces the old pipe, perfectly aligned in with the rest of the sewer line system.

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Our team of expert SPT technicians pay special attention to detail when it comes to Trenchless Pipe Bursting Toronto to ensure the quality of work is exceptional. The repair methods we take are industry standard practices that are perfected due to countless years of trenchless technology experience. Count on us to repair your sewer line in the quickest and the most efficient way possible. Contact us today to see why pipe bursting is the preferred repair method of the modern day property owner.

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