Sewer Repair Toronto, Canada

Toronto Canada Sewer Repair

Since 1994, Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT), has been providing customers with the most innovative technology in pipe repair. We were the first underground video pipe inspection specialist. That was over two decades ago. Since then, we have continued to adapt to advancements and employ the latest technologies in the industry. We give our customers the best options for the best results.

The worst plumbing situations shouldn’t have to be the hardest to deal with. The biggest repairs and replacements are now some of the easiest tasks that we are faced with. The industry has come a long way in the services that are offered, and we are happy to bring those services to the area of Toronto.

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Trenchless Sewer Repair Toronto

There are so many different sewer repair options that are now trenchless; meaning this type of technology allows us to access your pipes internally, eliminating the need to dig up holes and trenches throughout your home or property. Trenchless technologies have even gone as far as to allow professionals such as ourselves to reline your pipes internally. Gone are the days of excavation processes and long-term projects to replace your sewer system. It’s now a simple and easy process that takes an average of one business day and has minimal to no digging at all.

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Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining

In short, trenchless sewer repair is a process that allows us to reline your pipes with a durable epoxy coating. This coating lasts as long as 50 years when maintained along the way. The process is done by Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining. That means your pipes stay put and we do the work right where they are. This process begins with our video pipe inspection, which we have specialized in over for 20 years. We are able to diagnose any issues and determine if you are a candidate for this process. If your pipes are in fair condition, you are able to take part in the trenchless pipe relining.

This process is beneficial because it allows you to replace your entire system in one task. It also takes minimal time, on average of a day opposed to multiple days or even weeks with excavations. You’re left with no mess and it’s as if we weren’t even there. And your pipes can leave you worry free for years to come. You are also able to save money. We take up less of your time and ours, which means cheaper rates. No heavy machinery and long-term projects also mean less money spent. Plus, no money is needed to be put towards to revamping of your scenery which would be the case after a complete excavation. No holes. No aftermath. No stress. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind plumbing solution.

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SPT is happy to assist you in your needs. Give us a call today for an inspection to see if you are a candidate for our trenchless sewer repair options.

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