Sewer Camera Inspection Toronto, Canada

Toronto Canada Sewer Camera Inspection

Toronto has at least four important wastewater treatment plants, namely, Ashbridges Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant, Highland Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, Humber Wastewater Treatment Plant, and North Toronto Wastewater Treatment Plant.

To prevent health hazards to people and animals alike, Toronto has ensured that the Environmental and Monitoring Bylaw is implemented. These wastewater plants were built to collect the wastewaters that come from residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal sewers. The wastewater plants then treat them before they are allowed to flow back to the Lake of Toronto.

Specialized Pipe Technologies, after serving customers in the Toronto area for years, has come to grips with these standards and made it a point to implement them when working on projects in the province.

At SPT we are a well-rounded company that helps maintain properties and their sewer systems by training our technicians and ensuring they are licensed and that they have enough experience to work on clients’ projects with ease.

sewer camera inspection Toronto Canada

Sewer Camera Inspection

When it comes to sewer repairs, we always conduct a sewer camera inspection first. This initial inspection using a CCTV camera attached to a cable and inserted into the sewer pipes will help our team understand the situation of the sewer system before going further with any repairs, replacements, or installations of sorts.

By conducting sewer camera inspection, we save our clients from overspending or even spending a dime on services that they thought they need but really not. With the help of this new method of investigation, we can confirm whether or not the suspicion of our clients about damages on their sewer lines is true or if there are other underlying problems.

Another advantage of using our sewer camera inspection service is that clients can see real-time what is happening beneath the ground, inside their sewer pipes. We will know whether their sewers are infested with rodents and they need pest control or not. Also, we’ll know whether or not the damages to their sewer pipes are serious. Our findings, with our clients as real-time witnesses, will tell us what the next step will be.

Toronto Canada camera inspections spt

After the sewer camera inspection has been conducted, we provide the best advice to our clients. They can then decide what to do next. If they are determined that we carry on with repair or replacement, whichever their sewer system needs, then our team will immediately take action and fix the problem. If, after the investigation, the damage is found to be extensive and the client has no budget ready, we can provide details and quotes of how much they will prepare for and what they can do for the meantime to prevent further damage while they are low on funds.

Toronto Canada video inspect pipe

We take responsibility for our clients’ sewer problems like they are our own. At SPT, we aim to provide the best service there is in the country and around the world. Our clients have trusted us for years because we genuinely care about their well-being. We hope to keep this trait of our business running as long as it exists.

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