Roof Drain Lining Toronto, Canada

Toronto Canada Roof Drain Lining

Roof drains are designed to direct excess water running down from your roof to the ground through a downspout feature. For this reason alone, it’s quite important to have a qualified plumber take a quick look and inspect the roof drain to see if it’s functioning properly.

Toronto is a city that can experience rain and snow anytime, regardless of the season. Furthermore, hot summers can cause your roofing to contract and expand more than usual. The material can develop small holes and cracks in the drainage systems and shingles. Then when a thunderstorm hits, you’ll be left frantic and worrying about your precious furniture being ruined by leaking water inside the house. A rule of thumb is to immediately address any leaks that could develop, especially on your roof.

The effects of a roof drain leak can be far-reaching and devastating. At its worst, it can flood your home, cause massive havoc on your furniture and destroy the drywall on your property. Wooden walls and flooring will never be the same. The longer a leak lasts, the more damage it will eventually cause. It can’t be stressed enough- repair leaks as soon as they appear. Roof Drain Lining in Toronto is certainly the most viable option to getting it done.

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The Process Behind Roof Drain Lining

The broken or damaged drain line may be fixed via the CIPP, or the cured in place pipe method of trenchless technology. It’s the same process used for underground water pipes and sewer lines. The roof drain lining process restores full functionality and puts in a new support to your existing drain structure. There’s virtually no disruption involved. Roof drain lining is a specific service due to roof drains having many different types of construction. For example, epoxy coatings are great for pressurized systems, while the structural lining is best for non-pressurized ones.

The area where the drain problem is found will be isolated. Our technicians will create an entry point to access the pipe. Then, a liner, coated with epoxy resin will be inserted after the pipe is thoroughly cleaned. Once it reaches the broken section and is ready, a machine “cures” it and makes it harden. The result is a pipe within a pipe. The newer, more durable material can withstand corrosion and is not as prone to cracking as the old materials.

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The Best Method of Repairing Roof Drains

The newer trenchless method of repairing roof drains is definitely better than traditional drain pipe repairs due to an overwhelming number of reasons. Perhaps the most discernible benefit of all is that trenchless saves you from destructive digging to locate the problem pipes. The total costs and completion time are significantly improved as compared to traditional methods of roof drain repair.

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Broken and deteriorating sewer lines on the roof may also be fixed using Roof Drain Lining Toronto. Pipes that aren’t easily accessible to humans can easily be reached when our technicians use the trenchless process of pipe repair. Simply put, roof drain lining via a trenchless processes beat out every other similar plumbing service because it is more convenient, has a faster completion time and is considered safe and environment-friendly.

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