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If you’ve come across CIPP methods, then you’ll surely know Nu Flow’s newest pipe lining technology, the Nu Line epoxy pipe lining system. It is being advertised by the company as an all-in-one solution to repairing a home’s broken or damaged water pipes using a safe epoxy liner. It’s a pipe within a pipe solution that is durable against the most common water line ailments such as corrosion, cracks, and leaks. Furthermore, this latest innovation preserves the quality of your drinking water by protecting it from asbestos, lead and other harmful contaminants found in the surrounding soil. It’s the ultimate solution with long-term pipe benefits!

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Benefits of an Epoxy Coating System

Eco-Friendly Solution

The installation of a liner coated with epoxy resin would not emit carbon gases and other waste into the environment. Heavy metals contained in the ground will not be allowed to enter your drinking water supply, thus saving you and other residents and commercial establishments thousands, if not millions per year in potential water damage. The first generation network of pipes are more or less in need of a replacement, and trenchless line replacements are the perfect solution.


Pipes that are subject to epoxy lining repairs don’t require reconstruction of landscapes because there’s no huge excavation in the first place. Your building or home’s exterior and interior structures, its walls, flooring and other structures are kept safe and unharmed when our technicians perform a CIPP-based trenchless repair. A major overhaul operation is out of the picture, because epoxy lining services do the job well, if not better than traditional water line repairs. Engineers and plumbers have proven that the newer, more durable material is known to last longer than 50 years or so, and more if everything is maintained properly.

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Minimal Displacement, Disruption, and Downtime

Moving into a temporary home just to have your water line restored to working order is unnecessary when you opt for cured in place trenchless repairs. Residents and commercial establishments are assured that they will experience little to no disruption in daily life and in business operations. A single access hole is all that’s needed to inspect, clean and repair your broken or cracked pipes.

Permanent Solution

Drinking water lines are restored with the process of epoxy effectively sealing the cracks and leaks that have formed in the pipes. Nu Line Epoxy coatings is a permanent solution and a barrier that staves off mold growth, water damage and corrosion while improving the flow of water into your home or business establishment. You won’t have to worry about heavy metals entering your potable water supply when you choose this trenchless repair method.

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SPT Pipe is a fully-licensed installer of Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings Toronto. Our expertise, combined with innovative technology and highly advanced materials make us the preferred company to fix your broken water pipes. Nu Line Epoxy has passed all industry standards regarding performance and safety. Call us now and have your water pipelines restored in the best way possible.

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