Los Angeles/Orange County, CA

Specialized Pipe Technologies has 9 locations throughout North America.  Start solving your pipe problems and find a location near you.

Specialized Pipe Technologies is a leading expert in solving pipe problems all over North America. Our team services the Orange County area with all of their sewer and drain needs. Orange County is full of attractions from Disneyland to California State Universities which means that it is constantly bustling with excitement. Residential, commercial, and municipal customers all have unique needs that need to be taken care of with speed and efficiency. We pride ourselves on being industry experts in trenchless technologies that are safe for the beautiful region of Southern California.

With nine headquarters all over North America, we provide customers all over the country with trenchless technologies that are quick and long-lasting. From services from roof drain lining to sovent cyclonic cleaning, our team will always cater to our customers specific needs. Before any service is performed on your sewer or drains, they will need to be inspected and cleaned.

Drain inspections are industry leaders in providing vital information that determine the best solution for our customers. Drain inspections require access to the cleanout hole on your residential, commercial, and municipal property. Pipe inspections use water-proof cameras that are attached to a flexible rod. The camera provides our technicians with a live-feed of your pipes that reveal any occurring problems. Drain cleaning involves a technique called hydro jetting that uses high-pressure water to clear out your drains with power and speed.

Our services are productive and long-lasting. Specialized Pipe technologies also services Temecula and Irvine, California. Temecula is a city surrounded by wine country that requires sewer and drains to function at their best. In addition, Irvine is home to tech companies and CSU Irvine that need efficient plumbing services offered to them year-round. If you are located in the Orange County area and need assistance with your pipes, do not hesitate to call us for an estimate today!

Temecula, CA

Irvine, CA

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