Sewer Camera Inspection Naples, Florida

Naples Florida Sewer Camera Inspection

It isn’t easy guessing at what could be happening underground when your drains are acting up. At SPT Pipe we use a nifty little tool that gets us right inside the pipe so we can’t mistake what the problem is. It is a camera and the process is called sewer camera inspection and it is the most effective and accurate way to identify a drain problem without having to tear out the underground pipe. But before we can use it we have to get it underground where it does most of its work.

sewer camera inspection Naples Florida

How We Get the Camera Inside the Pipe

The way we insert the camera is interesting in that we just dig a small hole down to where the line from the building joins the lateral pipe. The lateral is the pipe that spans between your Florida home or business and the main line at the street. The lateral runs underground and is often under a sidewalk, driveway, landscaping and various other features on your property. Once we open up that connection we can insert the tiny camera.

Naples Florida camera inspections spt

What the Camera Does

Once the camera is inside the lateral it becomes our eyes inside the pipe. It feeds a closed-circuit video stream to a technician on site who can identify whatever is visible in the view of the camera. The camera can be moved up or down the length of the lateral allowing our technician a better view of whatever is in your pipe.

Naples Florida video inspect pipe

What the Camera Can Show Us

The video camera can confirm any kind of problem we suspect with the operation of your sewer system. For example, if the drains are slow or emit a bad odor there may be a blockage in the line. The camera shows us exactly what that blockage is and where it is located so we can address the problem immediately. The camera also provides such high-quality video that we can identify small leaks, cracks, and breaks in the lateral. All of this is possible without having to resort to digging out the lateral to look it over.

Other Benefits of Trenchless Technologies

Because we don’t have to dig your property up to get to the problem, the sewer camera inspection leads us to the next step which is trenchless repairs. Any problem identified can be fixed without excavation. This makes trenchless repairs easy on the environment and easy on your landscaping. It is also a quicker and cheaper way to fix plumbing issues. Those savings are passed on to you as a result. Plus, trenchless repairs will last far longer than traditional dig-and-replace plumbing service. The average trenchless pipe remediation will not need a replacement for at least 50 years which creates a long term saving for you.

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