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Naples Florida Pipe Inspection

In Naples, Florida, a pipe inspection can prevent an unexpected break or leak. In fact, had one apartment building owner in the city done so, the pipe breaking incident of February 2015 could have been avoided. As a result, a total of eight families were displaced following the accident.

A pipe inspection is an affordable piece of preventative maintenance. In Naples you can call us at SPT Pipe. We’ll send a professional plumbing crew to your Florida home or business to take a good, close look at the pipes in and around your property. The signs that you can watch for that will tip you off to a problem developing include the following:


Anytime you smell sewer gases or some kind of rotting stench from you sink or shower drains, there could be a problem hiding deep within your sewer or drain lines. As soon as you catch a whiff of something unpleasant, give us a call and we’ll check it out for you.


When water pools in the shower, tub, or sink, it means there may be some kind of blockage in the line. If you experience this for any length of time, give us a call to come and see what’s going on.

Slow Draining

If a sink, tub, or shower seems to take longer and longer to drain, there could be a blockage or break somewhere in the line. The best way to find out for sure is to give us a call at SPT Pipe.

Wet Ground

One more clue that there may be an issue with your sewer or drain line is a spot in your yard where the lateral line runs from the building to the street. If the spot is damp, soft, and a little bit smelly you could have a problem. If you see this in your yard, give us a call.

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After We Get to Your Location…

What we will do when we arrive at your residence or place of business is dig an access hole to the pipe connection. Once we can access that a tiny camera gets inserted and we will have eyes inside the pipe. With the camera it allows us to see exactly what is going on inside the pipe from within the pipe. A blockage, crack, or break will then be easy to identify and follow up with a repair.

We use trenchless technology for our repair programs and what that simply means is that the pipe inspection information allows us to repair the pipe without excess digging. In other words, we won’t be digging a trench to the pipe so we can remove it. We can actually fix it while it remains underground.

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Pipe Inspection Naples.

For more information on how a pipe inspection can prevent a potential pipe breaking disaster, call us today at SPT Pipe Ask about how we can save you money on your pipe repair by using trenchless technology for the project. All you need to do is book an appointment and we’ll do the rest.

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