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What do you do when you experience rusty water coming out of your Florida drinking pipes? Slab leaks flooding the insides of your home, or pinhole leaks that seemingly come from nowhere? Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings Naples might be the furthest thing from your mind, but there’s no other solution like it. Nu Flow’s forward-thinking innovation puts traditional repair systems to rest with its magnificent process of re-lining your ailing pipes.

SPT Pipe specializes in Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings for a large number of applications- rehabilitating and repairing pressurized pipe systems such as HVAC, fountains, pools, fire suppression systems and of course, potable drinking water systems.

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Nu Flow’s Epoxy Pipe Lining

Would you believe that this technology to repair pipes existed a long time ago? The efficiency and the way it works allow trenchless technology to enjoy unsurpassed excellence over traditional pipe repairs. Nu Line has been in employment ever since its inception, when it was used to transfer and hold down pipe systems in place on the U.S. Navy carrier fleets.

Nu Line Coating is a remarkable patented process that was subject to innumerable tests and research hours. The company Nu Flow wanted to create the perfect solution to pipe problems. The new material had to have the perfect cure time and viscosity. Plus, there had to be existing equipment to align it within the ailing pipe. They finally created the epoxy barrier coating that was better than the original pipe material.

The benefits associated with Nu Line epoxy are many. Primarily, the innovative product finally makes it a possibility not to replace the ailing pipe, but rather to repair it using a liner coated with epoxy resin. Nu Line coatings are proven to be more cost effective in a lot of ways. You’ll use less labor, heavy equipment and less time to put your pipes back to new-like shape. The coating provides an excellent barrier between the corroded metal and your drinking water, preventing lead from leeching into the water supply. Nu Line’s epoxy is smooth, durable and seamless. It is highly resistant to alkalis, petroleum products, mineral deposits, corrosion and various acids that enter your pipes.

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The Epoxy Lining Process

The Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings start with a visual inspection of your entire piping system. Then, our qualified Florida plumbers clear out the affected pipe with hydro jets eliminating deposits, corrosion and other materials trapped within. Refined garnet is blasted through via compressed air blasts.

When the pipes are optimized, a 2-part epoxy liner is mixed in and laid through the interior of the pipe. Air is forced to allow the epoxy to line the walls. When this is done, our plumbers take a quick look and inspect the pipe’s performance. A leak test may also be done to confirm the epoxy coating’s effect.

The new “pipe within a pipe” can now be expected to have a lifespan of around 100 years or more. Residential and commercial owners may effectively eliminate any chances of their pipe having an issue again as long as they take good care of the pipe and lining. Moreover, you won’t have to call up an excavation team to dig through your yard just to get to the problem pipe.

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SPT Pipe is your first line of defense against old, broken or corroded pipes. We service Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings Naples with great attention to detail to ensure quality of work is exceeded.

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