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Mission Hills, California Water Pipe Repair And Lining

In days long past living near a reliable water source was crucial for survival. For example, people would depended on a near by lake, river, or stream in order to obtain their drinking, cooking, and bathing water. Although it took a lot of work carrying bucket after bucket of fresh water back to the cabin it was simply a part of everyday life. In the current day and age it is easy to take good old H2O for granted. You simply turn a handle and what seems like an endless supply of the stuff comes rushing out of the faucet, hose, or shower.

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As a society, we literally flush multiple gallons of water down the drain each and every time we use the toilet without batting an eyelash. It certainly has become human nature to believe that the water in our homes and places of employment will work whenever we need it to. Most people do not give it much thought at all, that is unless the water stops running. At that point life as we know it ceases to exist. Well that may be a bit extreme, but it certainly is a gigantic pain in the you know what. The difficulties are typically caused by leaks in the water pipes located at your property.

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Although we have come a long way since the old days modern water systems are far from perfect. Much like anything mechanical the pipes tend to form pinhole-sized leaks over time. In addition, the hardware or solder that connects one water pipe to another often becomes compromised. Both of these scenarios cause damage to the system, and if left untreated ultimately lead to disastrous breakdowns. If you notice any small changes with the water pressure or water flow in general, or start seeing wet spots in any of your ceilings or walls than contact a reliable plumber immediately.

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It is incredibly important to nip the problem in the bud before it’s too late. When a water pipe bursts it begins to flood your home or investment property. The floodwater does a vast amount of damage to your ceilings, floors, and walls. It can also ruin everything in its path including your possessions. If that should happen to you than turn off the property’s main water valve, which is typically located in the basement or first floor, prior to contacting the plumbing contractor.

In addition to nipping the problem in the bud before it causes a major flood at your property, it is also essential that you know your options before hiring a contractor to make the repair. Since water pipes are buried in ceilings, floors, and walls the traditional way to fix them is to demolish those areas in order to access the pipes. Once the plumbing problem is fixed the affected ceilings, floors, and walls must be repaired. This is not only time consuming, it also causes major disruptions. Not to mention that when all is said and done it is extremely expensive.

The good news is that there is a much better method. Water pipe repair and lining in Mission Hills, suburb of San Diego is a technologically advanced answer to the problem. It does not require major demolition in order to reach the pipes for repair. Instead the technique only requires the plumbing contractor to make a small access hole in the wall that enables a machine to blow an epoxy material into the interior of the pipe. The epoxy cures or dries within a few hours forming a brand new pipe within the existing water pipe. The lining completely seals any and all leak problems, and will last for fifty plus years.

SPT Pipe is one of the leading water pipe lining contractors in the country. We are proud to save our clients both time and money by employing high-tech plumbing methods instead of the old way of doing things. Please contact us for a free consultation if you are having any problems with your water system or need any of our plumbing services. We look forward to hearing from you.

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