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Mission Hills, California Vent Stack Lining

The vent stack is an extremely important component of your plumbing system. It helps to regulate the proper flow of raw sewage as it exits your property and enters into the sewer pipeline, which is located underground outside of the structure. From there, the sewage flows into either an underground septic tank located on your property, or into the main sewer line located in the ground below your street. In addition the vent stack is responsible for containing and then eliminating sewage gas from your property.

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Sewage gas is an intricate combination of toxic and non-toxic gases that are formed in your sewage system by the presence of decomposed household waste. The vent stack runs up through the roof of your property so that the sewage gas can be easily released into the atmosphere where it literally dissolves into thin air. On that note a lot of people are curious about that small pipe on the roof, and now you can tell them that it is the vent stack. Now that you are familiar with what the vent stack is and how it is supposed to operate, it is time to learn what happens when it is not working properly.

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When the vent stack is not working properly it impedes the raw sewage from reaching the sewer line. When that occurs the raw sewage has nowhere to go. So it stays in the beginning of the sewer pipe, which is located inside of your home or investment property. At this point it is only a matter of a short time before the raw sewage begins to back up into your property through the toilet bowls, faucets, and drains. In addition the sewer gas cannot vent through the stack pipe and out through the roof. It also backs up and enters your house through the plumbing fixtures.

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It is extremely dangerous to come in contact with either raw sewage or sewage gas. For example raw sewage contains problematic bacteria and infections diseases. Sewage gas is full of ammonia, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide to name a few of the highly toxic gases. It certainly goes without saying that you should contact a qualified plumbing contractor immediately whenever you discover any signs that the vent stack is not working correctly. Some things to watch out for are strange gurgling noises or a rotten egg smell coming from your toilets, sinks, showers, or drains.

The vent stack runs straight through the interior of your property from the lowest level up to and out of the roof. It is actually buried in multiple floors, ceilings, and walls. Since it is so difficult to access for repairs or replacement you would think that it takes a great deal of demolition in order to reach it. Although that was one hundred-percent true in the not too distant past, recent technology has now made it possible to avoid all of that. Thanks to vent stack lining in Mission Hills, Suburb of San Diego authorized plumbing contractors can actually get to the vent stack pipe through a small access hole.

A machine is used to blow an epoxy material through the existing vent stack pipe. The epoxy coats the interior surfaces of the pipe, and once it cures in place a super strong, long lasting pipe liner is formed. The new pipe liner is actually a new pipe within the old one. The problem is solved in a day or two instead of having a bunch of contractors at your property for weeks on end. Perhaps the best part is that vent stack lining is far less expensive than the old, demolition based method.

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