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Mission Hills, California Trenchless Sewer Repair

An unusual event in July 2013 resulted in several manhole covers in the Mission Hills area getting blown away. Officials stated at the time that an explosion was likely the cause of the strange occurrence. They were lucky that there was no damage to the sewers and no need for repair. However, if your Mission Hills, CA residential or commercial plumbing is in need of trenchless sewer repair you can turn to the experts at SPT Pipe to fix the problem.

Our professional plumbers use the latest in trenchless technology to diagnose and repair sewer line damage. We believe it is better to leave little evidence of our time spent in your yard, so rather than parking several pieces of heavy equipment and digging the pipe out of the ground to examine or repair, we have adopted trenchless technologies. In other words, no massive digging, no massive pieces of equipment, no massive damage to your property and no massive bill for the repairs. All of these things make this method a wise choice for a pipeline repair of any kind.

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How to Repair a Sewer Pipe Without the High Cost or Making a Mess

Here’s how trenchless sewer repairs are handled: when we arrive at your property we will want to gain access to the connection lines. This is where your house or business lines connect with the pipe that runs to the street and connects with your local municipality main line.

In order to reach the connection points we will dig one or two small holes. Once we can reach the connection we will open it and insert a small video camera. The camera gives us eyes inside your pipe.

With a camera inside your sewer line we can then conduct a pipe inspection. What we find will determine the trenchless sewer repair. If there is a clog we can flush it out with pressurized water or air. If there is cracking or minor leaking in your pipe we can repair that with an epoxy liner or a cured-in-place pipe.

If the pipe is damaged and has a break or cave in we will replace it with pipe bursting, which puts a new pipe in place and removes the old one by breaking it up. All of these repairs can be done without digging a trench to the damaged pipe.

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How is it Better

The many advantages to trenchless sewer repairs include a job that can be done far quicker than the traditional excavation method. Plus, most of these repairs can be completed in a matter of hours without disrupting your water service. Also, trenchless technology is kinder to the environment and won’t break your sidewalk or tear up your yard and damage your landscaping.

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It is not only an effective and efficient way to repair damage to sewer or drain pipes, trenchless technology repairs also last far longer than traditional methods. A pipe liner repair will never have to be replaced as long as you own the property.

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