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Although numerous residents in Mission Hills, suburb of San Diego and surrounding areas are fortunate enough to enjoy the many benefits of homeownership, for most of us it seems as if there is a never ending to do list of tasks to accomplish. Some home maintenance responsibilities are more obvious than others. It is rather easy to tell when the lawn needs to be mowed or the house requires a fresh coat of paint. Obviously the yard and exterior of your house are both clearly visible. Other home repairs are not quite as obvious, however that certainly does not mean that they are not exceedingly important. In fact many of these less apparent components are absolutely vital to the overall operation and health of your home.

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Let’s take your sewer pipes for example. You cannot see them due to the fact that they are buried underground. You most likely never think about them, out of site out of mind so to speak. That is until disaster strikes. As soon as the sewer system stops working correctly all heck tends to break loose. The toilets fail to flush, strange and obnoxious smells start appearing out of nowhere, and last but certainly not least absolutely disgusting raw sewage begins to invade your home. Nobody said that owning your own home was going to be easy. However, having a good plumber in your list of contacts can ease even the worst sewage related problems.

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Homeowners that find themselves in this difficult situation have a few choices to make regarding the way the problem is fixed. It is crucial to both your bank account and your sanity to chose the best one. Trenchless pipe bursting in Mission Hills, CA is a technologically advanced technique that is not only remarkably more cost effective, it is significantly faster than the outdated yet still widely used traditional excavation method. When a plumbing contracting company applies the trenchless pipe bursting technique they do not need to dig a humongous trench along the sewer line in order to expose the broken pipe. They do not need to rip up your yard in order to excavate that trench.

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You may have guessed by now that the traditional excavation method does require a trench to be dug along the sewer pipeline. It does rip up your yard in order to excavate that trench. However when you hire a trenchless plumbing contractor they only need to dig a very small access hole at each end of the sewer pipeline. A machine is then used to push a brand new high-density polyethylene plastic pipe through the entire length of the old broken one.

As the new pipe is inserted along the sewer line it fractures or bursts the old pipe in an outward motion. Once the process is complete, the new pipe completely replaces the old sewer line. The sewer system can be up an operational in a matter of a day or two as opposed to multiple weeks. The pieces of the old pipe are left to harmlessly rot in the ground below your property. The new plastic pipe will last for approximately fifty years. Once the two holes are filled in and you will hardly notice that they were ever there.

SPT Pipe is the most qualified trenchless pipe-bursting contractor in the entire Mission Hills area. Our team of highly skilled technicians are not only experienced, they are also trained in all of the latest plumbing methods and technology. We are proud to offer our valued customers the most cost effective and fastest plumbing services in the industry. At SPT Pipe our mission is to help you every single step of the way with all of your plumbing needs. Please contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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