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Mission Hills, California Sewer Line Repair And Replacement

Many plumbing experts are predicting that a majority of residential and commercial properties in the state of California will need major sewer repairs and or replacements sooner rather than later. If you own a home or building that is over forty years old than unfortunately you fall into this category. Unlike the plastic PVC pipes that are currently being incorporated into the new sewer systems, the materials used years ago simply cannot stand up to the test of time.

The harsh ground conditions, and very nature of the sewage that is flowing through the sewer lines on a daily basis tends to break down the pipe materials over time. In essence it is a double-edged sword. The raw sewage attacks from the inside, while ground water assaults the exterior of the pipe. Eventually it is the pipe that loses the battle. Much like any mechanical entity, when the sewer pipes are not functioning properly it causes issues with the entire system.

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For example, if your car or truck has a broken transmission than the vehicle simply will not drive properly if at all. The same exact concept holds true for the plumbing systems contained within your property. That being said, when the sewer system is not working correctly it makes life far more difficult for anyone living at or working in the property. In the best-case scenario the toilets will not flush. In a worst-case situation raw sewage will back up into the house or building through the drains, faucets, and toilets.

It certainly goes without saying that issues with the sewage system must be dealt with immediately. They simply do not go away on their own. Although you may be handy, attempting to fix it yourself certainly is not a good idea. Sewer systems are both extremely complex and incredibly sensitive. It is crucial that you contact an experienced plumbing contractor that can properly diagnose and fix the problem. However, before you call or email plumbers in the Mission Hills, Suburb of San Diego area it is key to understand the process.

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Sewer pipes are typically buried underground, which of course makes them particularly difficult to access. Prior to advanced technology coming into play plumbing contractors were forced to excavate the entire area around the sewer pipeline. They relied on heavy-duty construction machinery to dig a large trench that ran the entire length of the pipe in order to reach it for repairs or replacement. That means that whatever is located above the sewer line in the yard was ultimately destroyed.

Although many plumbing contractors still employ this outdated, unnecessary, time consuming, and overly expensive technique there is a far superior way to do things. Sewer line repair and replacement in Mission Hills, CA can be effectively performed without ripping apart your yard. For example there are two trenchless methods that the best plumbing contractors utilize. If the sewer pipe is in fairly decent shape than the relining method can be used.

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It only requires a small access hole to be dug at one end of the sewer line. A machine than either blows or pulls a soft resin coated tube through the entire sewer pipe. The resin entirely coats the interior surface of the worn out pipe, and once it cures in a few hours a brand new pipe is formed within the old one. On the other hand, if the existing pipe is in really rough shape than the plumbing contractor will perform the pipe bursting method instead. It requires two small access holes, one at each end of the pipeline.

A brand new, heavy duty, continuous plastic pipe is pulled through the damaged one. As the new pipe is being pulled through, the old pipe bursts apart in an outward motion. The pieces of the old pipe are left in the ground to harmlessly rot away. The new plastic pipe completely replaces the old broken one. Both trenchless methods should result in a new pipe that will last for approximately fifty years. Chances are you will never have to think about your sewage system again.

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