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Mission Hills California Roof Drain Lining

Mission Hills, California property owners whose buildings were constructed over forty years ago should have cause for concern. The intent of this statement is not to alarm you. Instead we would like to make you aware of a widespread problem that is currently affecting tens of thousands of building owners across the country. Corroded roof drain pipes are a common occurrence that if not taken care of properly will certainly lead to unnecessary damage to your building. In order to fully understand this concept it is key that you know exactly how the roof drainage system works.

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The roof drainage system is comprised of a gutter that runs sideways just below the perimeter of the roofline, and roof drain pipes or downspouts that run straight down the building. When it rains outside the water collects on the roof of your property. It then makes it way into the gutters where it flows horizontally until the water encounters a roof drain. At that point the water enters the roof drain and begins to flow in a vertical manner. The end of the roof drain pipe typically runs from the building to under the ground where it disperses the rainwater away from the building.

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When the roof drain pipe is compromised the rainwater cannot properly flow down the pipe and away from the building. Instead it tends to back up and can actually enter the building at weak points such as windows. Of course water damage to the interior of your building can cause severe problems such as the collection of dangerous mold, mildew, and other harmful bacteria. Not to mention the fact that water tends to ruin drywall and or plaster in the ceilings and walls, along with flooring materials such as carpet and wood.

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The good news is that there is a technologically advanced solution that will not break the bank. Building owners no longer need to go through the major expense of replacing broken roof drain pipes. Qualified plumbing contractors can utilize the far more cost effective method of roof drain lining in Mission Hills, CA instead. With this advanced technology the old roof drains do not need to be removed, disposed of, and replaced. As an alternative a small machine installs a soft epoxy resin that methodically lines the interior of the existing pipe.

When the special epoxy solution cures it forms a brand new pipe that is located within the old one. In essence the new liner seals up any cracks, leaks, and holes in the existing roof drain. It also prevents further or future damage to the roof drain from negatively affecting the proper flow of rainwater out and away from your building. The roof drain liner will last for approximately fifty years, so chances are you will never need to worry about the roof drain pipes again.

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