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Mission Hills, California Pipe Inspection

Pipes play important roles in residential and commercial buildings. There are different pipes for different purposes. One of the most common in plumbing is the water pipe. Without the water pipe, there is no passage for water from source to reach the residences or offices that need it.

At SPT Pipe, we offer our services in and around California, including Mission Hills. What our customers love about what we do is that we have trained and experienced plumbers who are always ready to serve when called upon. Not only are we trained and experienced in inspecting pipes and fixing issues but we totally understand how pipes work.

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Inspecting the Pipe.

When we inspect pipes, we also check on the valves to make sure they are regulated. Valves help control the temperature and pressure of water that goes to the faucets and showers. But for a customer to operate the valves without the help of a plumber means he has to have the manufacturer’s manual. Not all valves have the same switch or buttons so we recommend keeping and referring to the manual at any given time.

As part of the routine, if a backflow happens, closing the valve may help reverse the flow and stop or resolve the issue. Sometimes, the problem may be more serious and cannot be fixed by just turning the valve off. This is where we come to the rescue.

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Different Types of Valves

There are a lot of valves in the sewers and pipes industry (plumbing industry) but we will give you at least five to learn.

  • The first valve is the Gate Valve. It also works as the isolation valve. This type of valve has to either be fully opened or be fully closed. A half opened gate valve is not good for the flow and the system.

  • Second type of valve on our list is called the Globe Valve. This valve may also be used for isolation purposes and even for throttling services.

  • Next type of valve is the Needle Valve. This is mostly used in meter line service, instrument, and gauge. The end of the valve’s stem looks like needle point, as the name implies.

  • Our fourth type of valve in this list is the Check Valve, which is used to prevent backflows or reverse flows without causing too much leakage.

  • And finally, our fifth type of valve is the Ball Valve, usually used for clean gas service, liquid, and compressed air services.

So working with pipes does not simply mean peeking into the pipes with our inspection cameras but also checking that these valves are intact and are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. If they do not, then they require either a repair or replacement.

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Our Pipe Inspection Services.

Our pipe inspection service will help our customers have the peace of mind that they are covered whenever they need to know the condition of their pipelines or their sewer systems in general. We are always ready to help and if our customers are located in Mission Hills, California, then they have easy access to our company’s services.

We use the latest technology to perform pipe inspections at minimal cost and in less time than what traditional methods can offer.

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