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Major plumbing repairs are amongst the most disruptive and expensive home and commercial real estate related burdens that property owners in the Mission Hills, Suburb of San Diego area encounter on a daily basis. Just ask anyone that has already gone through it. Faulty pipes are typically to blame as they cause the majority of all plumbing problems. Most properties that were constructed over forty years ago still have their original water and sewage systems in place. Unfortunately they do not last forever. Back in the day sewage pipes were usually manufactured out of clay or Iron. Over time clay tends to crack and break, while Iron rusts and rots.

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When that occurs it certainly is not good for your sewer system. Raw sewage embarks on a mission to leak out of the pipes, causing an environmental hazard. Then clogs begin to form as dirt and other debris starts to enter into the sewer pipes through the breaks, cracks, and rotted spots. When the clogs are large enough they block the pipe entirely. This forces the raw sewage and wastewater to flow backwards since it has nowhere else to go. At this point you are in real trouble. The raw sewage then enters your property through the toilets, ironically where it originated. In the most severe cases it will flow out of sink faucets, and drains.

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In addition to the sewer pipe issues, older water pipes cause a ton of frustrations as well. At first tiny pinholes will appear, and slowly begin leak. Since water pipes are located inside interior walls, ceilings, and floors it is difficult to detect at first. If you notice that the water pressure is not up to par or small wet spots begin to appear, it is a good indication that the pipes are leaking. If left untreated these small leaks will turn into larger ones, and eventually the pipe will burst causing flooding. Not to mention that when water floods or even leaks nasty mold and mildew rear their ugly heads.

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Needless to say that problems with the sewer or water pipes must be dealt with immediately. Neither are the types of projects that you should attempt yourself. Always contact an experienced plumbing contractor that can offer you the best solution available. For example pipe lining is a fairly new yet proven method that does not require tremendously expensive, and incredibly time consuming excavation or demolition work in order to reach the sewer or plumbing pipes for repair or replacement. Instead it utilizes the most advanced plumbing technology available on the market today.

The plumbing contractor simply makes a small access hole in the ground or interior of your property and then incorporates the use of a machine to blow a specially formulated epoxy resin inside the existing pipes. The epoxy resin systematically coats the entire interior surface area of the pipe, thereby creating an impenetrable lining. The new lining cures in place within a few short hours. This enables the sewer or water system to be back up and running within a day or two as opposed to a week or two using the more conventional excavation and or demolition methods.

As amazing as pipe lining is, some plumbing contractors use inferior epoxy resin products. SPT Pipe is the leading authorized installer of Nu Line epoxy barrier coatings in Mission Hills, CA and surrounding areas. If you truly desire a cost savings, time saving, and permanent pipe lining solution, please contact SPT Pipe today. We are here for you each and every step of the way for all of your plumbing needs. Remember to always look for the Nu Line seal of approval.

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