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Have you been putting off your water or sewer line repairs for fear of plumbers destroying your property in search of the problem pipes? You won’t have to wait any longer. Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings Miami is now available. This trenchless technology bypasses the most frustrating parts of your sewer line repair, at a much-reduced cost!

The trenchless way of repairing your broken sewer pipes is here. If you think that having to replace your entire water infrastructure is inconvenient and disruptive, then you’re right. Our no-dig solution fixes your ailing pipes without having to dig or replace whole pipe systems. Trenchless lining is a non-invasive procedure that keeps your landscape, hardscape, and gardens intact. The epoxy resin covers the insides and restores water flow in a faster manner; the material is resistant against corrosion and against pinhole leaks. Common issues such as lead entering your water supply will be a thing of the past.

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Fast Facts

Nu Flow’s Nu Line technology can be expected to provide reliable service for up to a century. They have been in operation for 25 years in the United States and 40 in Japan.

The epoxy resin lining foregoes the whole replacement reconstruction process. Doing this will net savings of up to 60% when put in a side by side comparison with wide-scale reconstruction projects.

Trenchless pipe lining is estimated to cost you 50% less than traditional methods such as repiping.

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Pipe Degradation in Florida

There are many causes of pipe degradation. Some of them include the following:

The main issue with corrosion is that it causes pinhole leaks in the pipes. When left unattended, it will spread throughout the pipe network and cause many other water line problems.

Poor construction and shoddy installation can lead to unpredictable water flow pressure, or “water hammers” that can fracture and accelerate the corrosion of your pipes.

Corrosion has become more prevalent due to the increased chemicals in the water and other factors such as low water pH, high temperature, and high oxygen content.

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Nu Line Epoxy Lining Solution

SPT Pipe is a licensed installer of Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings in Miami, Florida. Our trenchless technology, combined with a cost-effective solution makes quick work of any water or sewer pipe problem in your home or business establishment. We can put in the repair and complete it within a day for minimum disruption. Call us for Nu Line coatings for your ailing water pipes on any water supply network.

The Nu Line Barrier can do things most traditional sewer line repairs cannot. It can replace any section of your water line without the need for extensive digging. Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings Miami only takes one small access point to get to the problem line and use that point for repairs and/or replacements. Cutting-edge technology is used to make it an efficient, convenient process. Our expert plumbers use fiber optic cameras to inspect the whole water system for any defects. Hydro-jetting makes short work of any debris and foreign material buildup. The liner is inserted, cured in place and left to harden. This no-dig solution lines the existing walls with a stronger, more durable material. Then you can get back to work and resume your normal life.

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