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At Specialized Pipe Technologies, we offer services to fix water pipes on residential and commercial properties across North America and in Mansfield, Ohio. Our team understands the importance of keeping water lines functioning smoothly year round and we work hard to keep them maintained and operational through our high-quality maintenance and repair services.

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How Water Lines Can Experience Problems in Ohio

Water pipelines are pressurized water pipes that are responsible for transporting potable water, which is safe and filtered to drink and use, to a given location, be it a residential or commercial property. These pipelines are typically comprised of galvanized steel or copper materials that allow them to more easily handle the pressure the system is constantly placed under when it pushes water to the fixtures that require water usage in homes and businesses.

While these materials are quite durable and don’t usually develop large cracks, they can suffer from pinhole leaks. Leaks of this nature are very small and force the water to spray out of the pipe nonstop. In cases where your home or business is experiencing a leak of this nature, our team will look to diagnose the condition of your water pipe network. If we find that the pipes are compromised due to leaks, we will offer epoxy barrier coating as the solution.

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How the Water Pipeline Repair Process Works

Epoxy barrier coating is a solution that utilizes epoxy resin, much like cured-in-place pipe lining, but the process is different. During this process, we blow liquid epoxy resin directly into the pipes with compressors. This allows the resin to fully coat the inside if the water pipe, sealing away leaks while preventing corrosion after it cures and hardens. The epoxy is safe for use in potable water systems and has a fast installation process as well.

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What Are The Benefits Of Trenchless Epoxy Barrier Coating? Because of the trenchless nature of epoxy barrier coating, this reduces costs and makes the process more convenient for customers. It also offers a variety of other benefits as well, including:


Not only is the process beneficial for preventing homeowners from dealing with the hassle of repiping, the materials and processes that we use are all designed to be environmentally friendly.


Our repair services keep costs low by preventing extra steps, such as budgeting for labor crews or home remediation costs after the job is finished. By keeping the costs at a flat rate, our customers won’t be surprised by any hidden fees later.

In addition to offering quick installation times and preventing our customers from needing to relocate for several days or weeks, the barrier coating process eliminates the step of rerouting water lines.

Call Specialized Pipe Technologies to Restore Your Water Pipes Today!

If the water pipes in your Mansfield home or commercial property are leaking, don’t hesitate to call our team of professionals at SPT to fix them. We help keep your pipes running smoothly while preventing major leaks from forming in the future. We look forward to working with you and offering the best solutions in the industry.

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